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Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown of California joined his Liberal legislators and signed a law making child vaccinations mandatory. The law removed both personal and religious preferences from the list of acceptable reasons to skip the shots.

By the way, these shots are the same ones Gazillionaire Bill Gates– one of power players behind the law– refused to allow his children to get.

Many argue there is some connection between certain vaccinations and Autism. Since the law became effective what do you think the affect on Autism rates has been? . . . 17% increase!

Shouldn’t we do more research before we make it a crime to refuse a potentially harmful vaccination?

Liberal Doctrine is constructed to take-away personal freedom and responsibility by putting bureaucrats in positions of unchallenged authority.

Now we have another reason to register and vote against Democrats in the soon-coming mid term elections. Defend individual freedom. Make America great again!



WHAT is “the infrastructure” of America? Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and systems serving a nation, state, county, city, or other area, including the services and facilities necessary for its economy to function. Some examples of infrastructure elements are roads, pipelines, public utilities, power grids, seaports, and airports.

WHO owns America’s infrastructure? More than 75% of America’s infrastructure is owned by the private sector!

HOW is America’s infrastructure holding-up? According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) our nation ranks just above FAILING, a D+, in terms of the overall condition of critical systems and services.

WHY improve America’s infrastructure? Transportation, Communication, and Defense can be rendered inadequate by loss of infrastructure. A neighborhood, city, county, state, or nation can become dangerously unsafe when essential systems and services are interrupted.

WHEN must America’s infrastructure be fixed? A reactive plan (fix it after it breaks) will not guarantee survival. A comprehensive Proactive (repair and maintain to prevent failure) plan should have been begun years ago! America is on borrowed time!

WHERE must direction and leadership come from to fix and maintain America’s infrastructure? Restoration must begin with  city councils and go all the way up to Congress and the President. Owners of the elements of infrastructure must fully approve of, and support, the government plan.

An ESSENTIAL part of making America great again is restoration and rebuilding of her infrastructure. For decades the elephant in the room has been ignored by those who could help.

In November of this year, if you are a citizen, and 18 years of age or older,  you can register and vote for candidates who support the President’s plan to solve this critically important problem. Since  Democrats are fixed-wired in the anti-Trump mode and oppose anything he supports, you can simply remember to vote against any Democrat candidate. Do it!



The afternoon of President Trump’s SOTU address 13 days ago, The Washington Post ran a story about a  chat the President had with a campaign volunteer named Shane Bouvet:

The meeting was arranged after Trump said he read a profile about Bouvet. The struggling single father had spent nights working and days volunteering for Trump.

Days after the chat a $10,000 personal check from the President arrived in Shane’s mail. The money was used to pay for chemotherapy for Shane’s Dad who was suffering from bladder cancer.

Later, the President met with Bouvet—along with his father who is now cancer-free! “Very rarely do I hear a story like this,” the President said.

“I want to thank Mr. President for everything and the blessings that he’s done for me and my family,” Shane Bouvet said.

                     [Single Dad Shane Bouvet]

As-salāmu ʿalaykum, Hoser!

Canada has a pajama-boy Prime Minister who looks a lot like Fidel Castro [see photo of both below] and who is pals with the worst President America has ever had, that is Mrs. Soetoro’s son [in striped t-shirt in family photo below] Barry (aka Barack Hussein Obama) who is devoted to the global spread of Islam.

So in Canada there is an Obama/Trudeau sort of affection for Islamic people. A starkly discriminatory affection. Keep reading. . .

Canada’s Zero Mortgage Halal Financing Company is offering great  interest rates on mortgages, loans and credit cards. But the offer is not available to just anyone. You have to be a practicing Muslim to get in on the deal!

To qualify, you have to be sponsored, speak to the local imam, and if you’re a kaffir and convert to Islam on the spot, your interest rates drop to 0%!

[Barry Soetoro, future POTUS , in striped shirt]

                      [Pierre (l) and Fidel (r)]

Obama appointees are still operative throughout the government swamp.

Register and vote against Obama’s people, aka  Democrats and Socialists, in the soon-coming midterm elections.



The Louisville Hyatt hotel has spectacular open interior architecture with equally remarkable acoustic properties.

So why not perform a proper flashmob rendition of our National Anthem?

Some folks did. Like to hear it? Her it goes (please don’t kneel):


Christina Garcia, a female, Democrat politician in California helped start the #MeTooMovement as a way to expose and punish unwelcome sexual advances.

Silence breaker Garcia was featured by Time magazine (see cover photo below. Garcia is circled) as one of the brave victims of sexual harassment who helped shake-loose the ongoing avalanche of “Me too” accusers all-across America.

Yeah, well, she has been charged with putting her silence breaking hands all-over the unwilling body of former male staffer.

So, now that the exposing part of the #MeToo process is complete, let’s watch for the punishment part.

Will the circle be unbroken? Let’s watch!



4 million people left the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP aka Food Stamps) in one month!

Enrollment dropped from 45,666,795 in October 2017 to 41,658,868 in November 2017.

There has been a steady downward trend in food stamp enrollments since Obama left office. Hmm.

POP QUIZ– Q: What do Democrats hate more than clear signs of President Trump’s success in making America great again?

A: Nothing.

     [This poster implies that reducing government dependence is Fascism?]




Doug Campbell was a paid informer for the FBI on the Uranium One investigation under Obama. He spilled the beans in a written document presented to Congress in a closed-door meeting last Wednesday. Here are just five of his most shocking revelations:

#1 Crimes were being committed: “I was frustrated watching the U.S. government make numerous decisions benefiting Rosatom and Tenex while those entities were engaged in serious criminal conduct on U.S. soil.”

#2 The crooked money being made went to the Clintons: “Moscow sent millions of dollars to the U.S. with the expectation that it would benefit the Clintons.

#3 Obama knew about everything: “My work was briefed to President Obama as part of his daily briefing.”

#4  Russia was helping Iran develop  nuclear capabilities before Obama made the Iran deal.

#5 Obama overruled justice from taking place against the criminal activity.


“FOLLOW THE MONEY” — Deep Throat

Government investigators have traced some of the plane-load of cash Obama sent Iran just before he became unemployed.

Iran is using the money to fund various terrorist groups like:  Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based terrorist group; Quds, the Iranian equivalent of the CIA; Houthi rebels in Yemen where Iran hopes to eventually take control of Saudi Arabia!

In a sane world wouldn’t this news be grounds for impeachment on the charge of aiding and abetting America’s enemies?

Stop the anti-American agenda by registering and voting against Democrat candidates.