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Despite the awakening of Americans to the scam that is the source of Al Gore’s immense personal wealth, he is still crying aloud the dark prophecy of what will happen if we reject his scheme.

Go here and read good stuff about the real Gore Goal.


It’s one thing to endure editorials in the media with which you might disagree.

It is quite a more serious thing to realize the reporting of current events is being promulgated in a profoundly biased manner.

And most serious of all is the realization that in America today the bulk of the mainstream media is blatantly biased against ideologies and people who are out-of-step with the current Democrat/Liberal/Globalist/Elitist agenda.

No where is this tragedy more obvious than with CNN. Watch the video…


Slavery–now called “human trafficking”– is fundamentally an evil practice.

So is disregarding the Constitution and stealing rights away from States and The People in order to centralize political power.

Both of those evil practices led to America’s Civil War, the darkest period in her short history.

There is now a Liberal/Progressive sentiment that says America should revise history and eliminate any reminders of the War Between the States.

WRONG! Truth is essential to valid history. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth is what our young should be taught.

At the recent G20 pow-wow, one world leader stood-out from the crowd. One of many reasons this guy rose above the Globalists was his lapel pin.

Everyone but America’s duly elected President wore a lapel pin identifying the concept of a happy, borderless world under one centralized benevolent government… the New World Order.

POTUS 45 wore an American flag lapel pin!

Anyway, about revising history, the guy with the Stars and Stripes on his lapel donated his entire paycheck to the Park Service to be used to maintain battle sites, which memorialize–not glorify– actual events of the Civil War.

So much for revising history to appease the special snowflakes.

And here’s the money…

Keep history truthful and make America great again. Register and vote against Liberal/Progressive/Globalist/RINO candidates in the 2018 mid-term elections.


From now on whenever there is a death ruled suicide in or around Washington D.C. the following protocol should be used:

Q1: Was the deceased known by those close to him, or her, to be contemplating suicide? If “Yes”, cease further investigation.

Q2: Was there any connection to Bill or Hillary Clinton? If “No” cease further investigation.

Q3: Ask the Clintons if they had the person killed. If “Yes”, or “No” cease further investigation.

Q4: Why is President Trump not being impeached?

Here is an actual suicide from today’s news:

FACT– Peter W. Smith actively sought evidence from the Russian hackers, of malfeasance regarding Hillary Clinton and her private email account. He died this week from what has been ruled a suicide.

If Q1 asked: Answer would be “No”.

If Q2 asked: Answer would be”Yes”.

If Q3 asked: Answer would be irrelevant.

If Q4 asked: Answer would be “Because Rep. Maxine Waters is busy signing papers for her new $5M mansion.”

Rest in Peace Mr. Smith.


In a related story…



A simple True or False  quiz:

  1. Napoleon’s height was significantly less than average.
  2. Swimming soon after eating does not increase risk of cramps.
  3. Water will boil sooner if salt is added.
  4. Adding oil to cooked pasta does not keep it from sticking.
  5. The brain’s two hemispheres are capable of  learning particular, specified set of skills.
  6. No matter what height a penny is dropped from it will not achieve sufficient velocity to become a lethal projectile.
  7. Three Wise Men visited the manger where Jesus was born.
  8. Dogs do not slobber instead of sweating. They sweat through their feet.
  9. The only man-made structure visible from space is the Great Wall of China.
  10. The direction of swirl in a flushed toilet does not reverse at the Equator.
  11. Albert Einstein never actually failed an entrance exam, but he did struggle with math.
  12. Birds have a poorly developed sense of smell, thus they would never know if a human touched one of their young in the nest.
  13. The human tongue is divided into areas capable of tasting certain foods only.
  14. No part of the human brain goes unused (certainly not 90%).
  15. To avoid causing them emotional trauma it is best to not awaken a sleepwalker.
  16. Bananas are one fruit that does not grow on trees.
  17. Bats have effectively no eyesight.They navigate solely by echo- location.
  18. A bull will be attracted to motion in a gray cape as much as to a red cape.
  19. Plymouth Rock was the correct name of the place the first Pilgrims landed in America.
  20. Benjamin Franklin argued for the adoption of a likeness of Moses as America’s symbol.
[scroll down for answers]





[Answers: even numbers are true, odd are false…see here]


It is, historically, not a good idea to be found in the position of having a negative influence on Hillary or Bill Clinton.

Former FBI director Comey knew the secret to survival…

Apparently the former head of a Haitian government development agency did not know what Comey knew. Mr. Eberwein was found dead Tuesday, July 11, in a Miami area hotel with a gunshot wound to the head. His death has been ruled a suicide according to the Miami Herald.

(The late Mr. Eberwein with unidentified woman)

So what you ask? Well, Eberwein was scheduled to appear next Tuesday before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. The Clintons “coincidentally” are intimately connected to matters of Haitian relief funds.

Go here for a list of other folks who were not as smart as Comey.

Globalist/Elitist/Progressive/Liberal/Oligarch/Socialist/Democrats spare nothing, including human lives, in promoting their agenda for the New World Order.

Register and vote against their candidates in the 2018 mid-term election, you’ll live longer.


52,000 Americans died from painkiller overdoses in 2015.

To reap the high-profits of narcotic pain killer prescriptions some health care facilities have lured drug addicts by offering gift cards and strip club visits.

The opioid addiction problem grew to epidemic proportions under the Obama administration.

Just 7-months after Obama’s departure from Washington President Trump’s Attorney General has completed an investigation of the problem which was ignored for the last 8-years.

U.S. Atty. General Jeff Sessions announced yesterday that charges have been filed.

412 health care individuals have been charged.

300 health care providers have been suspended or banned.

The dollar value of the fraud is $1.3 billion!

This action is a victory. This is some serious swamp draining. This is winning! This is making America great again.

Register and vote–in the 2018 mid-term election–against Democrat Liberals (DNC) whose policies allow this sort of fraud to develop, and oppose those who try to stop it.

There’s a new sheriff in town.




A report says the Post Office spent $90K compensating employees who worked overtime to cover for employees who took-off to (illegally) campaign for Hillary in the 2016 Presidential election.

The problem is that the employees who went campaigning should have done it without costing taxpayers anything (without pay). When the Post Office paid employees overtime to cover for the missing staff they violated the law.

The letter carrier’s union strongly endorsed President Trump’s opponent in the 2016 race for the White House.

The U.S. Postal Service lost $5.6B in fiscal year 2016.

This kind of swamp behavior should be stopped. You can help do that by registering and voting against Democrats in the soon-coming 2018 mid-term elections.



Do you think it is fair for the U.S. Postal Service to charge less than the actual shipping cost?

According to the Wall Street Journal Amazon enjoys a very special delivery deal with the Post Office.

This “secret subsidy” may explain how multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon,  is able to drive competitive retailers into the ground.

What is not explained is how taxpayer money can used to subsidize a business that eliminates more jobs than it creates.

This is not a case of  Free Enterprise utilizing new technology to boost efficiency and increase profits…. that’s a good thing. This is illegal government participation in the private sector… that’s a bad thing. That’s Socialism.

Bezos (Amazon) is a huge $upporter of all things politically Liberal.

Register for the 2018 mid-term elections and vote against Socialist/Elitist Democrats and RINOs.



A non-binary transsexual and a little kindergartner walk into a library… [not a joke].

The city of Oakland public library has a children’s special every Saturday morning. It is called The Drag Queen Story Hour.

The most recent meeting feature a Black man who identifies as “Black Benatar”, a female-looking character in a green polka-dot dress and exaggerated red curls. He read a story called My Princess Boy which is about a young boy who likes to dress like a girl and is still loved by his family.

The program began in San Francisco.

Governor Moonbeam could not be reached for comment.