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In Liberal Land the sacred rule is Political Correctness. Facts do not matter. The reason for this is that… wait… enough words. Just see the cartoon.


When your sworn enemy repeatedly slaughters your innocent citizens in cowardly public attacks and leaves a note reminding you they did it, it may be time to kick ass and take names!

Q: Do we know what these enemy agents look like?

A: Yes. They look like adult males of Arab descent.

Q: Do these enemy agents have distinctive names?

A: Yes. Typical names are Abdul; Barack; Habib; Khaleed; Mohammed; and Zafir.

Q: Are these enemy agents typically recent immigrants or refugees?

A: Yes, predominantly so.

Suggestion #1: Create surveillance teams to keep intimate tabs on recent immigrants and refugees from Arab nations who are adult males with names like Zafir and Habib.

Suggestion #2: Limit entry of immigrants/refugees from Arab nations who are adult males with names like Zafir and Habib. Screen these individuals microscopically before allowing them in.

Suggestion #3: Stop terrorism by stopping terrorists from immigrating.

Try it England. Try it France. Try it Germany.


You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s do it anyway.

What image pops-into your mind when you hear, “He’s a college professor.”? Tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, a pipe, horn-rimmed glasses, maybe a goatee?

Sorry old timer, wake-up and greet the New World Order.

Meet John Jay college professor Michael Isaacson, Economics instructor at CUNY’s Manhattan campus…

Professor Isaacson identifies on social media as a member of Antifa. He publicly stated the following: “Some of ya’ll might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops.”

Future dead cops? Why that sounds like some kind of an Anarchist Hymn!

Anyway, let this inspire you to update your understanding of what is happening on America’s campuses.

Register for the soon-coming mid-term election and vote against the continuing lunacy of Progressive/Liberal/Democrat/RINO doctrine.


In Liberal circles it is not cool to say anything bad about anything except traditional American beliefs.

So those Liberals pretend everything, no matter how distasteful, immoral, or bizarre is perfectly normal.

For example, an Army guy named Bradley Edward Manning violated almost every rule against espionage and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. (See picture. Brad’s the short one.)

Lucky for Brad the President then was a bleeding-heart, anti-American, friend of Islam, mega-Liberal. Barry granted the convicted spy a commutation after less than 7 years in lockup. That was acceptable to the Liberals.

Also, Bradley wanted the Army to pay for his transition from male to female. That was also acceptable in the Liberal camp. So Mr. and Mrs. Manning’s little boy Brad became Chelsea, a dishonorably discharged spy now wearing cosmetics and dresses. (See pic).

Chelsea was invited by Harvard University to be a Visiting Fellow (oops. he wants to be a gal, not a fellow), but he accepted and that too was fine with the Liberals.

But then some folks who see things differently than Liberals do protested the appointment and Harvard withdrew the offer.

So the spy who is no longer a fellow… is no longer a Fellow!

Through it all the Liberals found nothing unacceptable.

They probably will call Harvard’s decision to abandon Bradley neo-Nazism caused by President Trump’s ongoing message of hate and bigotry!

Stop the madness. Things like truth; the rule of law; and biology matter just as much as Black Lives! Register for the upcoming mid-term election and vote against anyone who supports the lunacy that is Liberal Doctrine.





Nice things like the First Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of expression to every American citizen are good to have.

Sadly, in many instances there are large, sometimes violent groups who attempt to override the Constitution by interfering with a person’s right to free speech.

For example, in Berkeley recently, at the U. of California campus, the city had to spend $600,000 on security for a speaker who represented a point-of-view not consistent with that of the general student population. The costly precaution was justified by previous violent outbreaks by people who do not want dissenting opinions to theirs allowed.

These protesters seem to resent the freedom of expression. Perhaps they would like the University of North Korea (if there is one) where only one opinion is expressed… over and over and over.

Here’s a press photo of some of the people who want to abolish free speech…

Register and vote against supporters of Liberal doctrine in the upcoming mid-term election. Preserve the Constitution and Make America Great Again!


The only way for a crackpot like North Korea’s only fat person, Kim Jong Un, to control the nation is to keep the people from knowing what’s going on.

Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink has come-up with an idea based upon the control of information. Here’s the idea:

Air drop zillions of cell phones on the people of N.Korea and cover the country with free internet access via satellite.

In no time at all the people will realize what a line of crap Lil’ Kim has been feeding them and they will go all Bruce Lee on him and his henchmen.


In what can only be described as another in a string of failed attempts to become President of the United States, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton appeared on the DNC’s media subsidiary MSNBC TV recently.

The moderator set the stage for Mrs. Clinton to release her pent-up feelings about certain historic failures in the State Department… it’s about time, right? Wrong!

She wasn’t talking about her time as Sec. of State. She spent her on-air time talking about the current Sec. of State and what a shabby job he is doing!

Rex Tillerson has not abandoned even one U.S. Embassy to a fatal terrorist attack and then asked during an inquiry what difference it made. Sec. Tillerson has not used his personal Blackberry to transmit and store classified information. Rex has not lied once about events in the State Dept. Hillary has done all that, and much more.

Why are the Democrats putting Hillary in the spotlight? It must be the Stewart Smalley [aka Sen. Al Franken D-MN] Syndrome… “Dog gone it, Globalist/Elitist/Liberals like her!”

Oh let’s face it, the simple truth is Hillary can raise cash!

Register and vote against Democrats/RINO’s in the upcoming mid-term election.


One might think the Democrats would be in the news as a result of progress in a much-needed reorganization after the 2016 Liberal holocaust. But one would be wrong.

About the only revival, or sign of what they might strangely call progress, seen recently in the Liberal camp is the return of  an apparently un-dead Hillary Clinton!

Nowhere is there a better description of what the Clintons bring to the table than Ben Garrison’s current cartoon. Enjoy and learn…


Governor Moonbeam favors a bill reducing the punishment for failing to notify sex partners or blood/tissue/organ donation organizations that you are HIV positive from a felony to a misdemeanor!

Only the flu and food poisoning are more common than HIV/AIDS.

Is it a good idea to encourage more public exposure to the number 3 infectious disease in America?

Is it a good idea to accept blood donations, tissue samples, or organs from an HIV positive person and put that infected material into an innocent, needy patient?

This insanity is part and parcel of Liberal doctrine, which is no where more prominent than in The Golden State.

Let’s accelerate CALEXIT and build The Wall along California’s Eastern and Northern state lines! (See proposed redesign below).



This sounds like a 60’s folk song… “Where Have All The Raises Gone?”

Anyway, the “good news” is that the average annual income for the median (half make more and half make less) American household is $59,039!

So you think companies are paying their workers more and that’s why the family income is up?

Well, no. Sorry. The average male in the average American household is now making about the same (adjusted for inflation) as he was 44-years ago, in 1973!

So where’s the fatter paycheck? It’s hers!

Women are getting paid more than they once were and that’s what caused the new all-time high average family income. The man of the house has not gotten paid more.

So, yes, companies have been giving raises to their employees who identify as females!

There you go. Economics 101.