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Most of us have forgotten, or never knew of, the terrorist attack that came before Manchester. We tend to forget.

Terrorists suddenly appear, do their harm, then go hide until the public furor abates. Then suddenly, inevitably, strike again.

Go to this website and view the list of worldwide terrorist attacks recorded just in the month of April, 2017. Notice how many are perpetrated by Islamic organizations.

The world must follow President Trump’s lead. He has ordered Defense Secretary Mad Dog Mattis to …annihilate ISIS wherever they are found!”


When perusing the Internet you will encounter some images that infect your brain and won’t leave you alone until you foist them upon someone else. That is where you come-in.

Below are the two images– with no background information– that currently haunt me. I hope you looking at them will somehow help me erase them so I can get-on with my life.

Thanks for scrolling down and viewing BOTH…



Ahhh! I fell better already!




                                                           [THANKS TO BRANCO]


Along with street language and vulgar hand signs the DNC is adding Madison Avenue promotional hype to their bag of tricks.

The following graphic is from the latest DNC email inviting subscribers to join (and donate $$)…

Until now valid “resistance” against the current administration by The People has taken the form of voting decisions and contacting elected representatives demanding policy changes.

But lately the DNC is using their Media influence to foment sedition, tyranny, and anarchy. When the DNC says”resistance” they are not talking about writing your Congressperson. They are inviting a form of activism not sanctioned by the First Amendment.

Electing Trump-Pence was a giant leap forward. The momentum must be maintained by resisting “The Democrat Summer of Resistance”.

The Democrats are grasping at the muddy bottom of the swamp to avoid going down the drain.


Chairman John Burton of the California Democratic Party, (shown below) has started a new mantra for The Resistance. He held both bird-flipping hands aloft while shouting “F**K TRUMP!”

Soon thereafter, in the place whose crooked Democrat Representative illegally spent $10K from her campaign fund to attend the Super Bowl, there was a F**K TRUMP rally on the campus of the U. of Houston. It was sponsored by a Socialist/Anarchist group called  A World Without Police.  (see their event brochure below).

This is the kind of activity the DNC is producing. It proves they really want to fundamentally transform America into a Socialist nation.




Somehow America has been commandeered by lower Courts.

The Left has packed the lower courts with Liberal/Progressive judges. Federal judges now thwart efforts by the President to execute laws duly enacted by Congress. This is not how the nation is supposed to function.

Congress is the boss over the courts. Congress determines the jurisdiction of lower courts. Congress can, by enacting judicial reform, stop judges from usurping power from the Executive branch, from running the country.

They [Congress]not only control the subject matter jurisdiction, they control their  [lower court] entire structure. The lower courts are a creation of Congress. Congress giveth, Congress taketh. They could take that back.” — Daniel Horowitz

Oppose LAFTA, the Liberal Agenda to Fundamentally Transform America. Contact your Representative and demand Judicial Reform!


America has a new, self-described, danger to Democracy. Her name is Hillary Clinton.

The woman who snatched spectacular defeat from the jaws of almost guaranteed victory back in November announced she is back and is joining those who are unwilling to accept the results of the election.

       [Hillary sports new look and new take on accepting election results].

Apparently the DNC is willing to see if Hillary still has some of her once-formidable fund raising ability. $$$$

You may recall Hillary’s public declaration that “Anybody not willing to accept the results of an election is a danger to Democracy.”

More proof that Liberals are hypocrites devoted to the fundamental transformation of America into a Socialist nation in a globalist world under Elitist rule.



Indeed there has been significant recent activity by the U.S. to show favor to Russia. Here are some examples…

Arctic oil reserves gifted to Russia. Yes the White House recently relinquished control of oil reserves in the Arctic region. Donald Trump was NOT involved in those dealings.

No U.S. arms to folks Russia doesn’t like. Yes the White House refused to sell defensive weapons to a nation with which Russia has a long history of conflict. Donald Trump was NOT involved in those dealings.

Peace In Our Time. Yes there has been a recent Washington-based effort to form a new, more friendly, alliance with Russia. Donald Trump was NOT involved in those dealings.

Russia wants America’s anti-missile shield to go away. Yes, the White House recently assured Russia that a certain defense strategy could be re-thought. Donald Trump was NOT involved in those dealings.

To Hell with the Ukraine. Yes there was a choice made recently by the White House to disregard a binding protection agreement in favor of better relations with Russia. Donald Trump was NOT involved in those dealings.

Uranium. Yes there has been significant recent activity between the U.S. and Russia regarding this strategic material. While certain Washington folks were principals in the dealings, Donald Trump was NOT involved.

Clearly there is justification for appointing a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of all this recent pro-Russia activity.

Two things are clear at this point… one, we must identify and deal-with those involved, and two,  Donald Trump was NOT involved.



The current smoke and mirror narrative is that President Trump obstructed justice by asking FBI Director Comey to back-off on any investigations involving a particular Cabinet nominee [Flynn].

Wait. What? Why would the Media bureau of the DNC (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WAPO, bring-up that subject?