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Some specific ways Liberal doctrine erodes liberty:

  1. downplaying individual responsibility in favor of more government control.
  2. eroding economic stability by restraining free-market capitalism.
  3. using questionable data to fund wholesale carbon emission reduction as a way to control and tax the use of natural resources..
  4. providing government funded pre-natal or partial-birth termination-of-pregnancy procedure to any woman who seeks such.
  5. removing firearms from private citizens.

  6. disallowing any and all forms of faith based expression in business or public.
  7. supporting the use of tax dollars to employ any or all of the following media for the propogation of liberal ideology and the suppression of all others: TV, radio, internet, print; producers of theater and home entertainment content; private sector lawyers/lobbyists; educators in public institutions.
  8. opposing the restructuring of trade relations with China.
  9. establishing a minimum wage based upon a perceived “fair wage” rather than upon current economic conditions.
  10. providing for the ongoing needs of persons while doing nothing to help them become self-reliant.

  11. promoting economic controls which limit wealth or poverty.
  12. opposing the Secure Communities Program which is the lawful procedure used when an illegal alien is apprehended for the commission of a crime. Upon completion of booking Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is automatically informed. ICE can lawfully request the offender be held so the deportation process can be started.
  13. imposing inordinate tax increases on businesses and on the wealthy.

  14. supporting the government’s right to seize private property.

  15. correct past discriminatory policies which are thought to have favored White males by replacing such policies with those which discriminate against White males.
  16. opposing a voucher system in favor of continued government control of schools.
  17. supporting taxpayer subsidized research and development of alternate energy sources while discouraging the continued use of fossil fuels.
  18. protecting travellers from being subjected to any sort of selective security screening methods which might be considered offensive or discriminatory.
  19. awarding full civil rights to married couples of the same sex.

  20. opposing efforts to limit the power of organized labor.

  21. supporting mandatory membership in a labor union if one is in place.

  22. supporting reduction of military spending.

  23. awarding full civil rights to persons who illegally reside in the U.S.

  24. opposing the right of a private (non-taxpayer supported) business to stipulate exclusions regarding the providing of goods or services.

  25. supporting participation in the U.N. to promote the global community (one world).
  26. abandoning long-standing immigration and naturalization laws in favor of open borders.
  27. supporting the elimination of free enterprise in the health care industry in favor of total government control.

  28. abolishing capital punishment in favor of providing taxpayer funded all-inclusive care for convicted incorrigible killers in facilities where such persons are kept until they die of natural causes.

  29. making suicide an individual right.

  30. supporting government funding for the use of human cells in stem-cell research.
  31. permitting the President to use Executive Orders to make laws.
  32. supporting legislation which allows the government access to electronically transmitted private and personal communications.
  33. supporting efforts to limit state’s rights in favor of Federal control.

  34. not demanding strong ethics, honesty, and absolute transparency from all government officials.

  35. oppose aiding Israel as she contends with those who deny her right to exist and have vowed to annihilate her.
  36. categorically supporting any effort which claims to “protect the environment” while opposing any effort which may “impact the environment”

  37. Opposed to displays of patriotism or nationalism. Prefer to view Earth as one, big, united nation.

  38. Supporting leniency in judging criminal matters even when evidence indicates otherwise, aka Soft On Crime.

  39. Opposing efforts to publicly teach or promote Creationism. Instead, exclusively support secular Science (the Big Bang and Evolution) as the only reliable explanation for the Universe.

  40. Lacking interest or awareness regarding the voting pattern of Liberal Senators and Congressmen most of whom vote as directed by the Democratic Party rather than as the people they represent desire.

  41. Oppose a balanced budget amendment.
  42. Oppose a line-item veto.
  43. Support deviations from “Gender-Assigned-At-Birth” (biological) paradigm, to “Gender-Determined-By-Personal-Choice” (psychological) paradigm.
  44. Ignoring common sense and physical reality in favor of political agenda.

  45. Generally favor bigger government.