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WHAT is “the infrastructure” of America? Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and systems serving a nation, state, county, city, or other area, including the services and facilities necessary for its economy to function. Some examples of infrastructure elements are roads, pipelines, public utilities, power grids, seaports, and airports.

WHO owns America’s infrastructure? More than 75% of America’s infrastructure is owned by the private sector!

HOW is America’s infrastructure holding-up? According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) our nation ranks just above FAILING, a D+, in terms of the overall condition of critical systems and services.

WHY improve America’s infrastructure? Transportation, Communication, and Defense can be rendered inadequate by loss of infrastructure. A neighborhood, city, county, state, or nation can become dangerously unsafe when essential systems and services are interrupted.

WHEN must America’s infrastructure be fixed? A reactive plan (fix it after it breaks) will not guarantee survival. A comprehensive Proactive (repair and maintain to prevent failure) plan should have been begun years ago! America is on borrowed time!

WHERE must direction and leadership come from to fix and maintain America’s infrastructure? Restoration must begin with  city councils and go all the way up to Congress and the President. Owners of the elements of infrastructure must fully approve of, and support, the government plan.

An ESSENTIAL part of making America great again is restoration and rebuilding of her infrastructure. For decades the elephant in the room has been ignored by those who could help.

In November of this year, if you are a citizen, and 18 years of age or older,  you can register and vote for candidates who support the President’s plan to solve this critically important problem. Since  Democrats are fixed-wired in the anti-Trump mode and oppose anything he supports, you can simply remember to vote against any Democrat candidate. Do it!


Written by Baba

Yet another old-timer. I'm a retired design engineer and Navy combat veteran (Vietnam). I hope to add value to the lives of subscribers and users by aggregating tales of woe from all-over the media which share a common root-cause... LIBERALISM. The end goal is to influence American citizens to get informed and to care about the running of this once, and I hope future, greatest nation on Earth.

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