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“FOLLOW THE MONEY” — Deep Throat

“FOLLOW THE MONEY” — Deep Throat

Government investigators have traced some of the plane-load of cash Obama sent Iran just before he became unemployed.

Iran is using the money to fund various terrorist groups like:  Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based terrorist group; Quds, the Iranian equivalent of the CIA; Houthi rebels in Yemen where Iran hopes to eventually take control of Saudi Arabia!

In a sane world wouldn’t this news be grounds for impeachment on the charge of aiding and abetting America’s enemies?

Stop the anti-American agenda by registering and voting against Democrat candidates.

Written by Baba

Yet another old-timer. I'm a retired design engineer and Navy combat veteran (Vietnam). I hope to add value to the lives of subscribers and users by aggregating tales of woe from all-over the media which share a common root-cause... LIBERALISM. The end goal is to influence American citizens to get informed and to care about the running of this once, and I hope future, greatest nation on Earth.

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