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A real life drama being played-out today in Washington D.C..

The players:

Peter Strozk– FBI Special Agent– is/was a key player in the FBI probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Mueller probe of possible Trump involvement in collusion with Russia, and the Clinton email investigation.

Lisa Page –an FBI lawyer– exchanges anti-Trump, pro-Hillary emails with Strozk, with whom she is involved in an extra-marital affair.

Rep. David Nunes (R-CA)

Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI

Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Director of the FBI

The FBI discovers Strozk’s inappropriate [politically biased] emails.

Strozk is reassigned [demoted?] from sensitive cases to a desk job in the Human Resources department.

Rep. Nunes requests explanation of reason for Strozk’s reassignment.

FBI drags their feet in replying to Nunes’ request.

Meanwhile, the NY Times and the Washington Post both publish details of what went-on.

After repeated denials of Congressional requests for information Rep. Nunes files a Contempt of Congress citation against Wray and Rosenstein.

Let’s watch!


Written by Baba

Yet another old-timer. I'm a retired design engineer and Navy combat veteran (Vietnam). I hope to add value to the lives of subscribers and users by aggregating tales of woe from all-over the media which share a common root-cause... LIBERALISM. The end goal is to influence American citizens to get informed and to care about the running of this once, and I hope future, greatest nation on Earth.

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