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Why is SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR Meuller  targeting former Trump campaigner Paul Manafort?

A timeline of Manafort’s activity:

1970’s– Worked as campaigner with Reagan and Bush I.

80’s thru 2012– Worked as contracted strategist with Eastern European leaders like the Ukraine’s Yanukovych.

2005-09– Worked for Russian billionaire Deripaska.

2014– FBI taps Manafort’s phone.

2016 March– Joined Donald Trump’s campaign specifically to win  delegates leading-up to the convention.

2016 May– Became campaign Chairman.

2016 June– Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian lawyer who claimed to have “damaging information about Hillary Clinton”.

2016 August– Resigned from Trump campaign when New York Times reported he received money ($12.7M) from the  Yanukovych party between 2007 and 2012.

2017 July– FBI raids Manafort’s home and seizes financial records.

2017 November 30– Manafort and his former partner Richard Gates told to surrender themselves to law enforcement authorities.

So, obviously, the dearest hope of the Democrats is to impeach President Trump over this chain of events.


  1. Is any of this alleged activity by Manafort illegal?
  2. Is anyone on the Trump campaign associated with the deeds in question?
  3. Is President Trump himself associated with the deeds in question?
  4. If everything that is said to have happened did not happen would Hillary have won the election? Did she lose because voters were tricked into believing some lies about her manufactured and spread by President Trump? *
  • To answer number 4 all we need to do is follow the evidence to discover why voters did not choose Hillary…





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