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Friday Sept.29, 2017– The White House is recognizing schools that achieve “high standards of excellence.”  Cambridgeport Elementary School in Cambridge was one of the schools chosen to receive the gift set of Dr. Seuss books. Liz Phipps Soeiro, the school’s librarian, declined the donation from First Lady Melania Trump!

In an open letter  Ms. Soeiro said her school struggles “to dismantle the systemic white supremacy in our institution.”

She concluded her letter by recommending 10 children’s books that she said would open Mrs. Trump’s eyes to “the lives of the many children affected by the policies of your husband’s administration.”

She suggested books about gender identity, and about illegal immigration and separation would be more appropriate.

The point here is that America has been infiltrated by all manner of anti-American sentiment. These people define “wrong” as anything President Trump does!

It is sad to see the First Lady contaminated by the venom of these anti-American malcontents.

Hang-in there, Mrs. Trump. America loves you!

Written by Baba

Yet another old-timer. I'm a retired design engineer and Navy combat veteran (Vietnam). I hope to add value to the lives of subscribers and users by aggregating tales of woe from all-over the media which share a common root-cause... LIBERALISM. The end goal is to influence American citizens to get informed and to care about the running of this once, and I hope future, greatest nation on Earth.

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