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2017 December


The mainstream media does an effective job of promoting the Liberal Democrat Globalist Socialist agenda to fundamentally transform America.

For example, many, most even, African Americans who think about how life works in America, look at President Trump, and all non-Democrats, with suspicion and distrust. They feel better trusting Liberal Democrats as their representatives.

It seems the Black community played a significant role recently in electing a Democrat to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate. Many Blacks see Democrats as their friends while Republicans are viewed as cross-burning White Supremacists.

Yeah, about that. . .


Here’s a good question about President Trump in the form of a meme. . .

Register and vote against Democrats and RINOs.


While we all watched the Democrats steal the Senate seat in Alabama by doing what they do best– character assassination by falsehood and innuendo– a “yuge” event transpired on Capitol Hill in the Senate chambers.

By a 50-48 vote Judge Leonard Steven Grasz was confirmed to join the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit!! (McCain R-AZ, and Cochran R-MS did not vote). All 48 Democrats (including 2 Independents) voted against confirmation.

                                        [Judge Grasz]

So what’s the big deal? Just this. . . the American Bar Assn.–a strong anti-Conservative group– rates Judge Grasz as “Not Qualified”. Liberals hate Judge Grasz because, among other reasons, he called the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision (abortion-on-demand) “moral bankruptcy”, and he considers same-sex union to be a “grave danger”.

This was a damaging blow to the Liberals and a major victory for the unborn and for traditional Christian values. [insert smiley face here].

Our President, and his supporters in Congress, are Making America Great Again.






To be a free country the government must be elected by The People.

America is a free country.

To see how average Americans view their duty to participate in maintaining their freedom by voting let’s look at the results of the special election held in Alabama yesterday.

Alabama has 3.3 million residents who are ELIGIBLE to register and vote.

In yesterday’s election 1.2 million votes were cast. That’s 36% of the eligible voters. That means 6-out-of-10 eligible citizens did not vote.

Of the votes cast 48.8% were for the Democrat, and 47.8% were for the Republican.

That means the winner was selected by 17.8% of the eligible voters.

That means 82.8% of the eligible voters, that’s roughly 8-out-of-10 eligible Alabama voters, DID NOT VOTE FOR THE WINNER!

The will of 2-out-of-10 of Alabama’s eligible residents was imposed upon the people of America in yesterday’s election.

If freedom depends upon citizens voting then America is in trouble.

Make America great again by registering and voting in the 2018 mid-term elections.


U.S. voters have a habit of giving the White House to one party, then, in the subsequent mid-term election taking-away from that party by giving an average of 32 House seats and at least 2 Senate seats to the other party. This trend has held true since 1862, except for 1934 (FDR) and 2002 (G.W. Bush).

So, the loss of the Alabama seat yesterday is simply a continuing 155-year trend.

Actually, voters would likely have chosen the Republican in the Alabama race were it not for the muckraking based upon unproven and highly questionable allegations against him.




The Democrat candidate in Alabama’s special election yesterday received .9% more votes than his Republican opponent.

When President Trump selected Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for his Attorney General it left a vacancy in the U.S. Senate where Republicans had a 52-48 majority.

After yesterday’s election that majority has dwindled to 51-49.

The upset victory for the Clinton/Obama style of government was made possible when many Establishment Republicans refused to support their own candidate and even cheered his loss. . . and the opposing party’s victory!

Last November Alabama voters chose Donald Trump by a margin of 28%! Alabama has been a Republican state for a long time.

It really comes-down to anti-Trump Republicans handing the Senate seat to the Democrats by refusing to support their candidate.

The war continues but a battle has been lost because anti-Trump Republicans refused to fight. Remember that in the 2018 mid-term election.

Register and vote against Democrats/RINOs/ and anti-Trump Republicans. Make America Great Again!

                                 [even with the typo the message of this meme is factual]



Vote against Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, and RINOs


Maybe we have three names for the same thing?

“Deep State”, Shadow Government”, and “Swamp” may be just one thing with various nicknames.

So, is the FBI a tool of the Deep State?. . . or the Shadow Government?. . . or The Swamp? How about the IRS, the CIA, the NSA, and the DOJ?

If Hillary was the strategic choice of the Deep State to succeed Barack Hussein Obama then they would do everything they could to influence voters for that outcome, as would the shadow government, and the swamp.

Regarding the FBI for example, history shows a consistent pro-Hillary bias starting with Benghazi and continuing right-up to today.

In today’s news is a story about the Deputy Director of the FBI who failed to appear before a House Intelligence Committee yesterday.

The investigation has to do with possible FBI involvement in an anti-Trump dossier fabricated to derail the President. Such participation is an attempt to overthrow the lawfully elected government, aka treason.




Many people think the Al Franken affair was stage-setting for a regurgitation of past accusations against President Trump.

Well, here it is Monday of the week following Frankenstein’s announcement OF HIS INTENTION to resign (not the same as announcing his resignation) and it has begun. . .

Megyn Kelly is a woman scorned. On her struggling CBS TV show today she featured 3 women who accused President Trump of sexual misbehavior in the past (up to 30-years ago). Their accounts were denied by President Trump during the 2016 campaign and no more substance was forthcoming.

So the recycled fake stories and accusations may be coming back for some rehashing in an attempt to unseat the President. Read more HERE.

                                             [Sleeveless Kelly leads the rehashing session]


Along with all the winning– of which no one I know has grown tired– come some moments of refreshing contemplation for those whose memories go further back than 2008.

For example, how long has it been since we saw the Commander-In-Chief and military vets sharing a moment of genuine mutual respect and admiration?

Well here’s one photographed yesterday in  the White House. . .

President Donald J. Trump National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Proclamation Signing Thursday, December 7, 2017, in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)