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2017 October


There’s a reason the West coast of America is sometimes called “the Left Coast”.

One recent addition to the rumor list for The Golden State has to do with a coming legislative attempt to Legalize Prostitution!

Meanwhile, it is no longer a rumor, but now a fact, that all state forms and documentation will give three (3) options for questions about gender. Added to the old list of “Male” and “Female” is the third choice. . . “Non-Binary/Gender Queer”.

To understand where Liberal Doctrine eventually leads just keep an eye on the men, women, and non-binaries of California. Then rush-out and register to vote against any candidate who supports such insanity.


Among the many denizens of The Swamp is a giant, parasitic glutton called Federal Regulations (FedRegs).

Here are some vital statistics, taken from The Competitive Enterprise Institute, to help you recognize this tool wielded regularly by Big Government Democrat and RINO establishment bureaucrats.

SIZE: FedRegs are a giant of a burden on Americans. Basically nothing more than a hidden tax, FedRegs cost EVERY household in America $15,000 per year, thats 25% of the average household annual income!

POPULATION: FedRegs outnumbered laws by 18:1 in the 2016 Legislative year (214 laws to 3,853 FedRegs).

POLITICAL DNA: FedRegs are fairly represented by comparing the most recent past Democrat president, (Obama), with the most recent past Republican president (G.W. Bush). Barack Hussein issued 685 major FedRegs during his 2 terms, while George W. issued 25% fewer (505) in the same 8-year period. FedRegs consistently reproduce faster during a Democrat administration.

MAINTENANCE COST: Of the $3.54T spent by the federal government in 2016, $1.9T was for federal regulation and intervention. 56-cents of every dollar spent goes to support FedRegs!

GLOBAL COMPARISON: If  America’s FedReg cost is taken as a national economy it would place 7th in the world, just behind India, and ahead of Italy!

TREATMENT: Register to vote. Vote against Establishment Globalist/Democrat/RINO candidates who want to deepen the swamp rather than drain it!






It took her longer than many thought to blame the Electoral College system for her failure to win the White House despite the fact that the fix was in and magazine covers depicting Madam President were hot off the presses and ready for distribution.

Hillary wants America to abandon the Electoral College system and go to a “winner-take-all” system. That’s because she packed the 2016 popular vote in major urban areas with illegal voters which put her ahead of her opponent.

Replacing the Electoral College with a National Popular Vote system would mean big city voters would determine who wins. Rural, small town voters would be pretty much irrelevant.

Maybe Democrats want inner city voters, aka the popular vote, to rule the outcome since they won the popular vote in 2000 (Gore v. Bush), and in 2016 (Clinton v. Trump), but lost the White House.

Replacing the Electoral College is not likely to happen.

Maybe this will be the last excuse Hillary offers. Here’s hoping!


In the most recent scandal-motivated restructuring at DNC headquarters Socialist supporters of Bernie Sanders forced Chairman Tom Perez to accept Black Supremacist Keith Ellison as Vice-Chairman.

Well, Comrade Perez took action yesterday to cleanse the payroll of many of those Sanders/Ellison supporters… but he didn’t call it that… he called it “enhancing diversity”. Perez enhanced diversity by appointing replacements  who are all “With Her” aka Bill’s soon-to-be-ex wife Hillary.

The move edges the Sanders/Warren folks out of the mainstream of Democrat strategies. Perez seems to think the move will help him keep his job. Hmmm.

What fun to watch the morally and fiscally bankrupt Democrat elites bickering and sniping at one another while President Trump carries-on with making America great again.


How about every time there’s a car crash somewhere in America we blame the Auto Alliance?

Or suppose we blame the National Association of Manufacturers whenever an American manufactured product is used in a crime?

So why do the anti 2nd Amendment Liberals ALWAYS blame the NRA for crimes involving a firearm?

Register. And vote against the Liberal’s relentless effort to disarm America. Remember, both Democrats and Republicans have Liberals in their ranks. Examine the individual candidate.


VERIFIED FACT:  Despite knowing  the Russians were engaged in bribery, kickbacks and extortion in order to gain control over America’s nuclear fuel resources, the Obama administration approved giving Moscow control of 20% of America’s uranium.

That is the making of a MAJOR scandal involving collusion for monetary profit, deliberate weakening of America’s strength, aiding and abetting America’s long-time adversary, and criminal acts by high government officials.

Keep an eye on the offerings from the mainstream media about this disgraceful scandal. Chances are there won’t be as much said about it as there is about a porn publisher’s offer of $10M for “dirt” on President Trump.

Register and vote against the Liberal Globalist cartel, aka Deep State/Shadow Government, who has turned America’s press into their personal advertising agency.


When some things happen you would expect it to make headlines and be on the 6 o’clock news.

But today’s American media doesn’t use the same rule the Walter Cronkite generation used to decide what gets coverage.

Here’s a quick example from today’s stock market report:

The Dow-Jones Industrial Average has gained 4,600 points since President Trump took office.

Obama sycophants would have us believe the market is up so much thanks to Glorious Leader Obama! Really? Why did it require him being replaced to trigger the upswing? Here’s why.

Come on! Get real! President Donald J. Trump gets the credit for restoring investor’s confidence. It’s called Making America Great Again!




As one Liberal congressman put it,  President Trump has “an uncontrollable personal need to pour disgusting liquids on anything associated with President Obama.” — Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA).  The Liberal buffoon actually said that out loud, in public, on the record. He was referring to President Trump’s Executive Order setting the stage for euthanizing Obamacare.

Well, today the President poured some more disgusting liquids on Obama’s catastrophic deal with Iran. The President is “de-certifying” the deal and giving Congress 60-days to fix it . . . or else!

The best the Democrat establishment community can do is throw sticks and stones and call the President names. They have nothing productive, or helpful to offer America.

Register and vote against the politicians, both Democrat and Republican, who support Liberal Doctrine. Make America Great Again!


In their relentless campaign to portray President Trump as a bad guy the Liberals took a really cheap shot recently. Read on.

Apparently (remember. . . innocent until proven guilty) a Hollywood mogul named Harvey (not a hurricane but far more damaging) Weinstein has made a career of assaulting, molesting, harassing, groping, and raping women. It also appears most of Harvey’s employers, friends and associates have known about his bad behavior all along. Also, Mr. Weinstein is a long-time HUGE contributor to Democrat politicians, especially the Clinton Foundation.

One of the 3 major beneficiaries of contributions to the Clinton Foundation is Hillary Clinton. After a longer than appropriate delay Mrs. Clinton announced the tainted money Harvey gave her would be given to “a charity”. Nice gesture.

Then Bill’s (soon to be ex?) wife made an outrageous public statement about the vile Mr. Weinstein being like President Donald Trump!?

After that pitifully cheap shot at the President it was announced the Clinton Foundation has decided to keep  Weinstein’s quarter-million dollars!

Now that’s deplorable.

Hillary is posturing for another attempt at becoming”Madam President” (as was anxiously anticipated by Newsweek magazine last November)…

This is another typical example of Establishment (Swamp) conduct. Register and vote against Liberal/Globalist/Establishment politicians whether Democrat or Republican.