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2017 September


The narrative in the political arena has been dragged-down to a level of importance just above the history of vegans.

So I am signing-off until Americans become concerned about something more important than millionaire descendants of slaves publicly disgracing the nation that provides their wealth and freedom.

Meanwhile our elected officials will decide our fate for us.

Later… I hope.


Let’s say you are in the media news business and you want to create a public perception that Islamic countries are not a significant source of terrorist activity. OK?

So here’s an actual set of seven facts from a real news story about an event that happened last Sunday:

Name: Emmanuel Kidega Samson

Age: 25

National Origin: Sudan

Residency: Immigrated to U.S. in 1990’s

Publish photo: Yes

Address: Tennessee

Crime: Shot 7 people at church service.

As an editor with a bias toward denying any connection between Islamic countries and terrorism, which of the 7 facts would you exclude from the story?…

Duh! Of course you would omit the shooter’s National Origin!

That’s precisely what MSNBC did.



Five reasons to unleash Mad Dog Mattis for a preemptive strike against N. Korea:

  1. Missiles are highly prone to failure, especially Lil Kim’s missiles. They are in early stage development having no proven reliability and could explode anywhere  between the launch pad and the intended target.
  2. Here is an eyewitness account from inside a concrete bunker with 3-foot thick walls securely anchored deep in the Pacific island ground 20-miles from Ground Zero of a 1954 test nuclear detonation equal to 20-million tons of TNT:“… ten seconds after it exploded, our underground bunker seemed to be moving… and was moving!’“I felt seasick and held on to a workbench as objects slid around the room. The bunker was rolling and shaking… like it was resting on a bowl of jelly. The shock wave travelling through the ground reached us before the blast wave!”
  3. Nuclear explosions create radioactive fallout. Above ground detonations come with their own risks, including a more widespread electromagnetic pulse.
  4. Most of a nuclear weapon’s core is irradiated, melted, and turned into fine particles creating fallout that can be lofted into the atmosphere and spread afar.
  5. Cold War-era fallout killed scores of innocent people in the Pacific and is still causing cancer and health problems around the world today.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama allowed N. Korea to get as far as they have with nuclear capability. Liberal Doctrine has created a monster. It’s time to meet the threat head-on, all-out, end it before the fat maniac stops talking and starts launching.

           [Actual photo of test detonation in the Pacific, 1954]



Here’s the entire rule book for the 2017 NFL season.

Look through it from cover to cover and you’ll find one flag reference, and no reference to the National Anthem. (The flag mentioned is the referee’s penalty flag.)

Information claiming NFL rules stipulate player obligations regarding the performance of the National Anthem is not correct.

Maybe players have to stand for a penalty flag, but no rule exists for the National Anthem.

[God Bless America?]



Three nations have been added to the list of those to be “Extremely Vetted” in the immigration process of the USA.

The President has added Chadians, North Koreans, and Venezuelans to the least-wanted list of foreign visitors applying for entry to the U.S. Here are their flags…





America uses verse 1 of Francis Scott Key’s anthem “Oh Say Can You See?” in the opening ceremony of just about every sporting event, at every level of competition. We call it The National Anthem.

A current movement, being widely and frequently disbursed by the press, means to protest the lyrics as being racist.

Let’s try to isolate the offensive phrase:

“Oh, say! can you see by the dawn’s early light” (nothing racist there).
“What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming;” (still nothing).
“Whose broad stripe s and bright stars, through the perilous fight,” (zero, zip, nada).
“O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?” (nothing race related there).

“And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,” (nope).
“Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:” (totally non-racist words).
“Oh, say! does that star-spangled banner yet wave” (no racism).
“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”  (This must be the part they say needs editing. If America is not the land of the free, and/or is not the home of the brave, then they have a point.

So it comes-down to two questions:

  1. Do (all) American have equal freedom?
  2. Are some (not necessarily all) American citizens brave?

Unless one, or both, answers are “NO” this issue looks like unwarranted, intentional, conspiratorial denigration of The United States of America.


Here is one glaring difference between Left (Democrat) and Right (Republican) policy-in-action at the state level…

Per-taxpayer state debt in Right-run states averages $1,814.

Per-taxpayer state debt in Left-run states is $22,214.

That’s a ratio of 12:1.

Since most states have a balanced budget requirement they must play some accounting and reporting tricks to appear legal. Some of those common tricks are:

  1. Lie about anticipated revenue collections. Inflate income figures! (a lie).
  2. Count borrowed money as available cash, as if it did not have to be paid-back!. (a lie).
  3. Understate the actual cost of government, (a lie).
  4. Move scheduled debt payments to the next fiscal year so they do not show-up on current reports. (a lie).

So, as you register to vote in the upcoming mid-term election, remember that deceit, trickery, and outright dishonesty are commonly accepted behaviors in the Democrat/Leftist playbook.


What happens when commercial, service, and non-profit organizations that are supposed to be non-political decide to get political?

If the action touches enough people there is, historically (Target Stores; Starbucks, Journalists, the EMMYS, the Academy Awards, etc.), an impact on their revenue stream.FOLLOW THE MONEY!

May it be so in the megabucks world of professional sports.

Refusing to stand for the National Anthem is as meaningful a negative as standing for it is a positive.

Kneeling, sitting, or purposefully avoiding the opening ceremony of a sporting event is right-up–or I should say DOWN– there with flag burning.

As usual, Ben Garrison nails the issue with his cartoons… the multi-millionaire sports players and owners who use their high-visibility position to denigrate America should not profit from the American Way. They will become irrelevant to every true American.




What’s happening in America now is beyond Republican or Democrat ideology.

This contest is about pro or anti America!


The governing organization of the professional football industry  is the National Football League, the NFL.

The revenue received by NFL games in the 2016 season was $13B! That is equal to the combined annual income of 220, 339 average American households!

Growing participation by players in a conspiracy to refuse to properly observe the performance of the National Anthem prior to each game has gone unopposed by the NFL office.

The lack of disciplinary action by the NFL can only be construed as consent.

In the latest development an entire team– less one member– has refused to take the field until after the playing of the anthem! Just one, lone player came onto the field for the ceremony… Pittsburgh Steeler Alejandro Villanueva, an Army veteran of three tours-of-duty in Afghanistan, stood ALONE on the sidelines for the pre-game honoring of America!

You can join the anti-American protest by paying for a ticket to see a live game (as high as $130), or by watching the game on TV. Either way you will be helping the multi-millionaire owners and players in their expression of disdain for America.

[Alejandro Villanueva standing alone on the sidelines for the National Anthem]

UPDATE!! One day after this event  Villanueva apologized for shaming his team by standing for the National Anthem.