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2017 August


There is no shortage of videos online explaining the “one and only occurrence” of certain heavenly body alignments coming in 23 days. Just search for “Sept. 23” and you’ll get a bunch of them.

They all sound pretty convincing. But they all overlook some facts that don’t play into their dramatic assertion that this is a “sign from God” of the soon-coming end of all things as foretold in the Bible (Revelation 12:1).

Here are some of those overlooked facts:

#1: The sun will be in Virgo at the time so none of Virgo’s stars will be visible.

#2: The three planets in Leo will be visible in the early morning, but low in the S.E. sky. Venus is very bright and will be easy to spot,but both Mars and Mercury are dim and will be virtually invisible.

#3: The thin crescent moon will be invisible except in the evening sky.

#4: Jupiter will set before evening twilight.

#5: So, this whole “sign” will NEVER be simultaneously visible as depicted on the manufactured videos. Even those parts that will actually be visible will never be seen at the same time.

So don’t bother looking-up into the night sky on Sept. 23 expecting to see all the things they talk about. You won’t see anything like what they describe.

Use your time more wisely… read the entire book of Revelation!




How can watching your favorite NFL team on TV make you a contributor to the anti-American movement?

You watch, I watch, we all watch, and the people who report on viewership trends tell the sponsors that their commercials are being seen by millions of viewers.

Everybody makes money while the National Anthem and the American flag is desecrated and dishonored by some of the millionaire stars of the gridiron.

That’s just not right. Skip a few games and “they” will understand what is happening when the viewership numbers begin to slip.


The FBI has refused a legitimate request for evidence related to Hillary Clinton’s email “carelessness.”

The reason for the FBI’s refusal to grant the request, which is in full accordance with  the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), is that the requested information is “not a subject of significant interest to the public…”, or some such gibberish.

Clearly, somebody (The Deep State/ Shadow Government) is protecting Hillary and/or whatever is hidden in Hillary’s records.


Mandate: n. man-dayt  A command or authorization to act in a particular way on an issue given by the electorate to its representative: Example: The president has a clear mandate to make America Great Again.

Job One for just about every politician is simple: GET RE-ELECTED!

What better way to avoid having to go home and get a real job than hitching your wagon to a bright, rising star? Duh.

Here’a the latest example of a Democrat stepping-out of the Never Trump DNC narrative and declaring their independence by supporting President Trump:

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) shocked those in attendance yesterday at a political love fest in San Francisco when she said nothing about Trump being impeached, instead she said, “…Trump can be a good President!”

Politicians listen when the American voters say, “If you support President Trump I will vote for you.” It’s a free ride to re-election!

This is quite a reversal for Diane who has been consistently saying that President Trump’s exit is imminent…


Dennis Rodman’s chubby little buddy decided to launch a missile on a path which took it directly over Japanese territory.

In a street fight that is the same as calling your Mother a slut and then vigorously shoving you backwards.

So, Japan’s friend S.Korea steps-in and warns Lil’ Kim: “Oh yeah? Well take these eight Mk-84 “Bunker Buster” bombs capable of penetrating the concrete you think is protecting your “hardened” artillery sites–meant to shell Seoul unmercifully in case of war– dropped very accurately on targets very close to your border by four screaming F-15 fighter-bombers… and vaporizing all eight targets!”

Step back everybody. It’s gettin’ real!



You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll be too young to know what it’s about, but you’ll hate the Republicans!

90210, Hollywood, CA, is not exactly Trump territory.

Many of the executives and stars of Hollyweird are vocal Never Trump people.

So what have the movie makers been up to there in palm tree land?

The newest big release is a “political thriller“. But it is not about any or all the of  the scandals tied to the 16-year Democrat reigns of Clinton and Obama.

Rather, it is about the Watergate hotel break-in during the 1969-1974 Republican administration of Richard Nixon!

From almost a half-century ago comes the thrilling, blow-by-blow epic of political intrigue and subterfuge in the sacred halls of Washington D.C.

[Note: I thought the Hollywood crowd was going to leave America if Hillary lost. They are still making movies?]



In the rare case where you find yourself engaged in a civil, unheated discussion of the rights of the unborn, you should be ready to encounter one, or more, of these tenuous arguments from a defender of abortion-on-demand:

  1. Equal right to break the law. The warped thinking here is that abortion restrictions will drive women back to the back-alley butcher. If abortion is restricted only the wealthy will be able to afford a clean, healthy (for the mother), illegal procedure. Abortion-on-demand allows equal rights to all women.
  2. Anti abortion people only care about the unborn. This assertion claims that anyone who opposes abortion-on-demand simply does not care about the problems the pregnancy poses for the mother-to-be.
  3. Men (biological males) cannot become pregnant. Since they cannot personally experience the process they should not hold, or express, an opinion.
  4. Pregnancy can prevent having equal rights with non-pregnant people. The gist of this argument is that being pregnant could result in an unequal burden of hardship, so therefor, the mother-to-be has a right to avoid being forced into being a second-class person.
  5. Anti-abortion sentiments are religion driven. This fallacy says those who have no religious convictions cannot be opposed to abortion-on-demand.
  6.  On-demand abortion is the only reliable safeguard against back-alley butchers. Comparison of the statistics from before and after Roe v. Wade shows this point is not substantiated.
  7. The aborted child would likely face lifelong poverty and deprivation. This argues that any unborn child who does not have guaranteed wealth and privilege could, and should (?), be killed.
  8. The unborn child is a part of the mother’s body. It is her right alone to decide the fate of her child. Actually the placenta performs an extraordinary function by making the developing baby a completely separate biological entity from the mother. Mom has custody of the yet to be born child, but it is its own person.
  9. If a baby could not survive outside the mother’s uterus then it is ok to kill it. This argument puts anyone who needs external help to survive could be put to death, for example, a young accident victim in the ICU, or a person on dialysis.
  10. An unborn baby is unaware of its future prospects. The idea here is that the deceased cannot lose something they were unaware of having, so abortion is not depriving anyone of anything.

Read the whole article HERE.


Why are Antifa doofuses chanting: “George Soros, where’s our money?” rather than sticking to the script they were given when they were hired?

Have a look…


Official counts indicate that more people voted for Hillary than voted for Trump.

So why is Melania the First Lady rather than Bill Clinton?

Well, maybe Trump is right when he questions the legality of big-city vote counting.

Take Chicago for example. After all the votes were tallied and the results recorded the final numbers were compared to the official number of registered (legal) voters in the city. Ooops! There were 14,000 more votes counted than there were legal voters!

So Joseph Stalin was right …



President Trump’s predecessor issued an order designed to reduce the danger to violent protesters in America. Obama was, and is, a friend of Communist/Globalist terrorists. He paved the way for ISIS and Antifa.

Barack Hussein declared it illegal for civilian police to have access to military equipment which would make it too dangerous for folks like Antifa to do their damage as depicted in this video…

President Trump is poised to repeal Obama’s order.

It is not certain if RINO’s (Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Flake, etc.) will support the President’s action to stop Leftist violence, or if they will climb into bed with the Liberals yet again.

Let’s watch!