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2017 July


Here’s how the Affordable Care Act breaks-down:

Enrollment?   Mandatory for all. (Except for Congress).

Penalty for non-enrollment?   Substantial fines.

New participants expected?   10-million.

New doctors added to serve new participants?    Zero.

New IRS agents added too serve new participants?  16,000.

Committee explanation?  “… must pass it to understand it”.

Number of Congress members who read it before passing?    Zero.

Number of Congress members exempted from it?  All 435.

Signed into law by health conscious POTUS?    No. (A smoker).

Administered by who?  Tax-dodging Treasury chief.

Time after taxes begin to realize benefits?   4-years.

Operationally overseen by?    The government that has bankrupted Social Security and Medicare.

Medically overseen by?    An obese Surgeon-General.

Financed by a solid economy?    No. ($20-trillion in the red).





My theory is that Sen. McCain’s Liberal Democrat behavior is not political in nature.

McCain is out to personally harm a particular individual… Donald Trump, the man who–rather stupidly– said he preferred … people who weren’t captured!” referring to McCain’s captivity in Vietnam.

So driven is McCain in his quest for vengeance that he has done a 180-degree turn politically and thrown all his considerable influence into an anti-Trump campaign, no matter how it forsakes the Arizona voters who have faithfully trusted him to serve Republican values for the last 30 years.

The Liberals are reaping much low-hanging fruit from McCain’s Mutiny, as seen in the happy smile on Sen. Schumer’s face in the photo below as he thanks McCain for switching sides. The only way Democrats are winning anything is by defecting Republicans like McCain, Collins (R-ME), and Murkowski (R-AK)

Note: Should Sen. McCain not survive his battle with brain cancer Arizona governor Ducey will appoint a Republican replacement to serve-out the term. If McCain actually switches to become a Democrat then Gov. Ducey will have to choose a Democrat to replace him!


Here’s a list of places to start dissecting the steaming pile of manure that is the aftermath of Obama’s 8-year reign of terror.

Investigate Obama’s AG Lynch with respect to ordering former FBI Director Comey to obfuscate the Clinton investigation.

Investigate the conduct of the Obama Justice Dept. regarding Sec. of State Clinton’s handling of classified information.

Investigate immunity deals given co-conspirators Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, and John Bentel in the Clinton email affair.

Investigate why no grand jury was created to look-into the Clinton handling of classified information matter.

Investigate why State Dept. underlings were allowed to determine which Clinton emails were surrendered for scrutiny.

Investigate potentially unlawful international dealings made by The Clinton Foundation.

Investigat connections between The Clinton Foundation and Russia, the Ukraine, and others.

Investigate FBI Director Comey’s conduct in the matter of  the sale of a uranium production company, approved by Sec. Clinton, to a company which made contributions to The Clinton Foundation.

Investigate connections between the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation, Russia, and the Ukraine.

Investigate the use of DNC computers by the Clinton campaign for the purpose of undermining the campaign of Sen. Sanders.

Investigate President Trump’s accusations that former President Obama, former AG Lynch, and former FBI Director Comey wiretapped his campaign communications.

Investigate the whole “Unmasking” matter to determine what, if anything, was done and by whom.

Investigate leaks by former FBI Director Comey to a Columbia Univ. law professor.

Investigate the use of  the company “Fusion USA” by former FBI Director Comey to compile a “dossier” about candidate Trump.

Investigate all potential leaks by former FBI Director Comey to author Michael Schmidt going back 24-years to 1993.



Below is the sticker the DNC is currently offering to anyone who contributes money to help women get equal pay; transexuals who served in the military, young people with student debt; people who need a living wage; kids who deserve a good education; seniors on Social Security and/or Medicare.

In case you are unfamiliar with the initials “BFD”, it means Big Fuc**ng Deal! Potty-mouth Tom Perez must have come-up with this one.


Here’s a fun example of “post anything you want” on the internet, (which is Al Gore’s second-greatest invention surpassed only by Global Warming).

At 26-seconds in the video you may be surprised to learn that fallopian tubes are part of every human being who has ears, and not just females, and that they connect the inner ear to the back of the throat. And you thought they were for transferring a fertilized egg to the uterus for gestation!

I wonder what the posting person thinks the eustacian tubes do?


There is no doubt in my mind that your tireless advocacy is what saved the Affordable Care Act. You made this possible.” –-Tom Perez via email to all DNC subscribers, July 29, 2017.

The lack of profanity in the message might make you think it is not from Tom Perez, but it is.

Potty-mouth Perez seems to have missed the real reason Obamacare still exists… his Liberal allies in the Republican congress.

Last November President Trump won many Conservative and Republican votes by promising to REPEAL Obamacare.

But, even with a 4-seat majority in the 115th Congress, the worst health care system ever devised is still a reality.

Contact your Representative and Senators. Demand that they support the REPEAL of the (UN)Affordable Care ACT!



The Liberal Agenda to Fundamentally Transform America, (LAFTA), which enjoyed significant progress under Obama, has all but stopped progressing under President Trump.

With the DNC under a self-destructing spell of disorientation, confusion and infighting, only the Liberal Media empire and a few RINO’s are keeping the Progressive effort (LAFTA) alive with their constant nipping at Trump’s heels as he tries to repair Obama’s damage and correct the course of America.

The process that put Trump in the White House in 2016 will occur again in November of 2018, this time The People will vote on 33 Senators.

Register and vote against the Democrats and Independents (23 + 2) in that election.




With apologies to the huddled masses of Conservatives still living in the Republik of Kalifornia…


If the press, that is newspapers, TV, radio, and magazines,–both online and printed — would deal only in verified, factual information there would be a lot more clarity and understanding in America, a lot less division.

America’s mainstream press today has become a Fifth Column [A group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an opposing ideology. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine and can involve acts of disinformation.] advancing the ideologies of Globalism and Liberalism.

The Press is a for-profit business. Giving customers what they want is the key to sustained profits. Whatever “sells newspapers” is what gets published. Most media operations today have a Bias Filter which cuts-out anything unfavorable to their agenda while focusing on unfavorable “news” about any opposing ideology… without regard for the whole truth.

In America’s supply and demand economy it appears the demand for truth has given way to the demand for information that consistently flatters one ideology while besmirching the other.

Be careful what you watch, read, and listen to.