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2017 June


Liberal Doctrine depends heavily on the “Carrot On A Stick” governing technique, which basically says lots of people will vote for the candidate who gives them the most free stuff.

Speaking of Obamaphones, an investigation by the G0vernment Accountability Office has found evidence of … CORRUPTION!

One fun thing they like to do there at the offices of the FCC where the free cellphone program– officially known as “The Lifeline Project”– is administered is stash the billions (9) of taxpayer dollars they get from Congress in private banks rather than in the Federal Treasury.

Also, about a third of the folks who have free phones do not qualify because they are not poor.

Unexpected Fact: The investigation was spearheaded by an unusual Democrat Senator named McCaskill from Missouri!

Anyway, register and vote against Democrats in the 2018 mid-term election because they favor corrupt carrot-on-a-stick programs.




Japan plans to put someone on the moon not later than 2030.

Some suggested candidates for the trip are:

[Kim Jong Un, Grand Potentate of N.Korea says, “I’m in like Un!”]

[Hillary Clinton says, “Shotgun!”]

[Bashar al-Assad says, “OK… but I must take this much Sarin.”

[George Soros squeals with anticipation.]

[Bill Nye says, “I’ll be able to watch the Earth go around the moon!”]

The final manifest is pending.




Here’s the pitch for a new movie or TV series…

A political party succeeds in  sabotaging of the campaign of a person other than the one they want to win the nomination for President.

The party favorite wins the nomination but loses the election in a stunning upset.

Supporters of the sabotaged candidate get wind of the misdeed and sue the party.

Meanwhile two operatives in other shady party dealings mysteriously meet with untimely deaths. This causes the folks who are suing the party to ask the court for protection from similar mysterious occurrences. The court says there are not enough marshals and the  plaintiffs are left out in the cold.

So the stage is set for the serial saga of politics as usual in the DNC!  Stay tuned.



The most Democrat-dominated state in the union, The Land of Lincoln, is circling the drain.

This tragedy is clear and present proof of the malignancy of Liberal Doctrine.

Register and vote in the 2018 mid-tern election. Vote to deny the Democrats in your state lest the bankruptcies continue.


The top slot on organizational charts for taxpayer supported (public) American universities is “The President“.

Care to guess how many tax dollars the job pays?

Well, the average is $505,000/year!

Note: The average total annual income for an average American family is $51,939.

The highest paid job is at Arizona State U. where the Prez knocks-down a million and a half bucks a year! Note: That’s equal to 29 average U.S. households put together!

Does it smell swampy in here?



From CW over at daily

  1. Donald and George look like brothers.
  2. The President mentions Patton frequently.
  3. Patton dies… a year later Donald John Trump is born.
  4. The General was a big believer in reincarnation.


Socialists, Globalists, and Elitists, like  George Soros and virtually all Democrats, have invested a lot in establishing the $15 per-hour minimum wage. Their idea is to upgrade the lower income level by redistributing money from the middle and upper class.

People who use their brains logically said, rightly, that paying a worker more than they generate as bottom line profit for their employer will not be sustainable and will eventually hurt the entry-level workers chances for entering the workforce.

Yeah, about that…

A new study in Seattle, where the $15 wage has been in-place for a while, has shown that entry level workers there are making more per hour (3%) but taking home less (9%) because employers reduced their hours in order to avoid losing money. The average worker income loss from the “raise” is $125 per month.

Also, 5,000 fewer entry level jobs have been created since the anti free market policy was enacted.

The idea of paying an employee more than their fair share of what they contribute to the employer’s bottom line is not a free market practice.

Liberal doctrine is opposed to a free market.



Does anyone in Liberal Land think truth matters?


Here’s an outline of key changes to Obamacare in the House health care bill:


  • No more using tax credits to cover abortion, and imposes a one year exclusion of Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funds.
  • Gives each state the right to impose work requirements for Medicaid.
  • Gives each state the right to waive coverage for maternity care and emergency room trips.
  • Gives each state the right to charge more for more expensive treatments.
  • Penalizes people who cancel coverage for 63 days or more.
  • Changes tax credits from income-based to age-based (which don’t vary with local insurance costs).
  • Adds $8 billion for consumers with pre-existing conditions.

Naturally all 46 Democrat Senators, and both Independent Senators will oppose any changes to their former Supreme Leader’s namesake program.

Five of the 52 Republican Senators (Cruz-TX; Heller-NV; Johnson-WI; Lee-UT; Paul-KY) have opposed the bill because it does not repeal and replace Obamacare. The Senate is “proposing” their own version.

A Senate vote is set for Thursday June 29.



It’s not called Barackcare, Husseincare, or Barrycare. It is called Obamacare and the man for whom it is named has added his name to the list of people who are chanting the new DNC mantra, “I’m In!”

Specifically what these Democrats are claiming to be “IN” is not what you might expect (like “deep s**t, or “a persistent state of dazed confusion). What they are “IN” is a fund raising email campaign to protect, preserve, and promulgate Obamacare!

America’s worst president had these unrelated words to say about preserving his namesake debacle: ” … this is about something bigger than politics, it’s about the character of our country–who we are and who we aspire to be. And that’s always worth fighting for.”

So it is not about being unable to pay the ever-increasing premiums for “affordable” health care with zero options, but it’s about  “America’s national character”?

Remember now, Obama is talking, no matter how cryptically, about a program that has become “worse than a complete waste of money!” 

Register and vote in the upcoming 2018 mid-term election. Oppose those politicians who, like all 46 of the current Democrat Senators, defend their political agenda no matter how ineffective and wasteful it might be.