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2017 February


Even the  Associated Press seems eager to portray President Trump in an unfavorable light. Here’s one example from a current AP story.

AP quotes POTUS saying: “This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine…”

AP says facts disagree: [The first month has been] “a series of missteps and firestorms and produced less legislation than Obama’s first month.”

A) Fine-tuned machines have a quality called robustness, which is a measure of how a machine is able to identify a problem and make needed changes to continue performing to specifications. Missteps and firestorms did happen and the Trump Administration showed robustness by reacting to and solving them. B) As for the comparison to Obama’s first month… so what? President Trump did not say his first month was more efficient and/or productive than Obama’s. This looks like an attempt by AP to make it look like President Trump deliberately made statements contrary to facts.

This is one example of the piece by AP. Read the whole thing for yourself to see others.



Big doings in The Fatherland this time of year.

It’s called “Rose Monday”, or something like that.

Anyway, they have parades with floats. There are no Disney or cartoon characters in their floats. Mostly they feature anti-American, anti-Brexit, anti-Right caricatures like President Trump’s severed head dripping blood, or President Trump sexually molesting the Statue of Liberty. They seem to like to portray non-Globalists as cronies of Adolph Hitler (a man I’d think they would not mention).

Hun humor must be an acquired taste. Have a look, see if you get it…

Ah well, Deutschland Uber Alles, I guess. All I can say is EEE-YEW!




It’s probably nothing so don’t get too excited about a possible solution to The California Problem. However, now that the drought has been replaced by flooding Gov. Moonbeam’s turf is sliding into the Pacific. Talk of seceding has given way (no pun intended) to talk of receding.

Global Warming and President Trump are suspected of causing the ocean to start consuming the coastline. Al Gore could not be reached for comment about the inconvenient event.

Film at 11.


Imagine you’re amused as you watch the organ-grinder turning the crank on his music box as his monkey flits around with his tin cup accepting coins from the crowd.

Suddenly the monkey stops performing, clears his throat and announces, “President Trump promotes hatred and divisiveness!”

Weird, huh?

Isn’t that exactly  what Hollywood stars are doing when they use their assigned role as entertainers to become Political Activists?

Many of the performing monkeys at the recent Oscar ceremony took time to denigrate President Trump.

Here’s a thought for those glamorous screen stars… The guy grinding the organ will find another monkey if crowds stop gathering and dropping coins in your cup. Dance. Be entertaining. Shut up.



There are many reasons to be familiar with the name George Soros.

Soros is a multi-billionaire beneficiary of the American system of Free Enterprise. His tenacious fight is focused-on destroying that very system.

Soros hates Jews. He hates Individual Freedom as characterized in The Constitution of the United States of America. He hates traditional American values as embraced by Conservatives. Soros is devoted to destroying everything he hates. He puts his money where his hatred is.

Get to know him. And keep an eye on what he is doing, no matter how well he insulates himself from those activities. He’s always hidden somewhere in anti-America/Israel activity.

                                                                                      [thanks to FoxNews for the graphic]


A loss will result if the cost to do business exceeds the profit generated by the sale of the product or service.

The solution to excessive Cost To Do Business is to lower those costs by finding alternative ways to do business.

Liberal/Socialist/Progressive/Democrat/Globalist/Elitist/Communist doctrines all claim the pay for entry-level, non-skilled labor should be $15 per hour. The only way a business using minimum wage employees could remain profitable would be to raise the price their customers pay for their product or service.

Here, this picture by Lucy and Rich Terrell is worth a thousand words…

Looks like a $15/hour minimum wage would Make America Unemployed Again!


You wouldn’t know it from the Mainstream Media, but since President Trump took the reins there have been over 1,500 arrests involving human trafficking OF CHILDREN! Compare that with FBI figures showing less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in all of 2014! 

Early-on (Oct. 2012) Trump tweeted: “Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”

Read this for more details on President Trump’s emerging campaign against human trafficking, and why the MSM finds it not worth mentioning.


SpaceX plans to send a craft around the Moon.

Here’s a suggestion for who should be aboard: Rachel Dolzeal, Elizabeth Warren, and Bruce Jenner.

That crew of three would include one Black female, three Caucasian females, one Caucasian male, and one Native American female.

That makes six souls on-board for the price of three.


This is to sharpen your skills regarding recognizing Liberal lunacy cloaked in Policy.

The story is from the National Review:

Soon after being released from prison after 27 years there, Mrs. Gill’s son Robert made the most of the opportunity by returning to his original job… drug trafficking. He is one of 1,715 felons to have their lengthy jail sentences commuted by Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama. He celebrated his new found freedom from imprisonment for a major narcotics-trafficking conviction by attempting to sell TWO POUNDS of cocaine. He was captured by Texas police after a high-speed chase ended in a violent collision.

Obama explained why he freed Robert: “… you [Gill] have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around. … Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.”

Gill’s prison warden also stood up for him, saying: “Robert has reformed and rehabilitated himself and poses no threat to the outside world.”

Stay alert. There are 1,714 more of these bad guys out there courtesy of Obama!