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2016 December


When Obama takes a vacation– always on the taxpayer’s tab– he includes immediate family, relatives near and far, personal friends, friends of friends and some mystery guests.

Estimates for the cost of each one of the many 5-star excursions Barry has taken in last 8 years are as high as $3.5 million!

$95+ million is the final tab taxpayers must pick-up according to Judicial Watch.

Just one more burden on American workers from the DNC.



When Obama leaves (Hurray!) the DNC will remain (Boo!).

We should take a lesson from sports reporting and use the team name interchangeably with the name of any of the players. For example, when Palmer throws a 44-yard touchdown pass to Fitzgerald the newspaper might print “Cardinals respond with a 44-yard TD pass!”

The team I am referring to is the Democratic National Committee, the DNC. Instead of saying, “Obama commutes sentences of hundreds of convicted drug felons.” we should say “DNC commutes… etc.”

The DNC represents Globalist/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist doctrine in America. Players change but the team is always the same… the DNC. They, not the players, should take the blame.

[Thanks to Branco]


How could you select a Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton who would actually make her look pretty good by comparison?

Obama found a way! … enter John Kerry.

The Liberal NINCOMPOOP BONE-HEADED NUMBSKULL* has brought more international ridicule upon America than even Barry himself could manage.

In Kerry’s final (HURRAH!) speech he delivered a one-two bungle that went something like this: ” (1) Israel sucks and is guilty of aggression against Palestine, and (2) Global warming is Earth’s most threatening problem”.

*He was a member of The Skull and Bones society.

[Kerry actually took the Dept. of State lower than Hillary did.]



In an effort to further damage America Obama has designated  two vast areas as off-limits to new energy development.

Disguised as preservation of Indian heritage the new National Monuments include 1.3 million acres in Nevada, and 300,000 acres in Utah. Both areas are known to have significant potential for energy production.

Politicians in both states,and nationwide, have consistently opposed the designation. The Antiquities Act allows the president to make such designations at will. Such acts cannot be repealed by subsequent presidents, but can be by Congress.

Any “sacred” sites deserve to be, and could easily be, preserved without banning energy exploration/production. But the Globalist agenda includes prevention of American energy independence.

President Soetoro is doing as much damage as he can in his few remaining days as leader of the Free World. Keep watching him these next two weeks!

Remember, the DNC gave America this Communist-raised Islamic supporter, and they have fully supported him all the way from community organizing in Chicago to the White House.

[Obama’s pal Harry Reid has fought for the ban on energy production.]



(Posting this as a reminder of the ongoing effort by Democrats to finish what Clinton and Obama have started.)

Hussam Ayloush is a big shot in the Council on American Islamic Relations in L.A. and he’s a big shot in the Democratic Party.

He expressed his sentiments on the Christmas morning plane crash which killed 84 passengers and eight crew members in Russia. He tweeted that he wished more people had died.

Islam is dedicated to converting everyone to Islam and killing those who refuse to submit. Democrats are dedicated to the New World Order where the Elite One World Government rules the planet. This demon Ayloush is active in BOTH!



The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has revealed that Obama granted Iran permission to stockpile uranium beyond the limit set by the infamous “Nuclear Deal”.

Obama didn’t just keep the exemptions secret, he actually denied their existence. He lied.

The President of the United States is guilty of participating in the 68-year effort to annihilate the nation of Israel.

Obama hates Israel (all Jews). All Muslims hate all Jews. Obama is Muslim? Hmmm.

[Walks like a duck… A rose is a rose… etc.]


Barry’s meeting with Japan’s leader yesterday would have been a good time for an official apology to be issued for the 3,581 killed or wounded American citizens in a sneak attack back in December of 1941, when the US and Japan were not at war with one another.

Well, about that. Rather than an apology from Japan Americans got a scolding from their president for “demonizing the different”.

America’s worst president ever is continuing to wallow in the mire, becoming more deplorable every day.

Once Obama sets the last terrorist free from Guantanamo he should be out of office and America’s nightmare can move into the damage control stage.

Remember to hold the DNC responsible for Obama’s reign of destruction.

Liberal Doctrine is alive and well. Stay informed or suffer a repeat of Globalist/Elitist/Progressive horror.

[Barack Hussein seems to be saying, “Shame on you America!”]


FROM: Hillary Clinton (somewhere on planet Earth)

TO: Supporters (throughout CA, OR, and NY)

“I believe it is our responsibility to keep doing our part to build a better, stronger, fairer future for our country and the world. I look forward to staying in touch in 2017… Onward!”.


Ronald Everett was born in Maryland in 1941. He changed his name to Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga and became a professor at CSU Long Beach, CA. He teaches African history. He concocted the black holiday of Kwanzaa in 1966.

The purpose of Kwanzaa, according to its inventor, Mr. Everett (Maulana), is to enable a violent revolution. He stated, “…you must have a cultural revolution before the violent revolution. The cultural revolution gives identity, purpose and direction.”

Ronald (Karenga) was convicted in 1971 of assaulting two female members of his ultra-radical, paramilitary, black nationalist cult called The US Organization.

Anyway, the members of the revolutionary black cult were given the 8th and final Presidential greeting from long-time supporter Barack Hussein Obama (on a golf course in Hawaii).


Mr. Soetoro (aka Obama) said Kwanzaa is a joyous time to reflect on the rich African-American culture and principles.

It’s like Obama is campaigning to be America’s worst president ever.

[symbol of Kwanzaa’s 7 Principles]




Each of the 50 states has one Governor’s seat, and many State Representative and State Senate seats, depending on the population of the state.

Since Obama’s inauguration in Jan. 2009 the Democrats have lost 1,030 of those seats.

Today, just 5 states are under Democrat control (Governor, and a majority  in State Senate and State H0use of Representatives. (CA,CT, DE, OR, RI).

25 states are under Republican control.

20 states are not controlled by just one party.

It helps understand just how bad a president Obama has been when you realize that even with all the help he’s given Republicans and Conservatives they are ALL delighted to see him go, as are some Democrats.

Obama has delivered the Hope and Change he promised to Blue states to the Red states.

Do not look for any of this information if you visit Obama’s library in Chicago.

Thanks Barry, for all your help. Good riddance!