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2016 August


There are about 13,000 Olympians, both summer and winter, during each four-year cycle. Since 1896, when the modern Games began, there have been 184,869 Olympians. So we’re talking about something that happens .001 percent of the time, which is just one click above…never!

Who did it? Kimberly Rhode, U.S. Olympic medalist FOR THE LAST SIX CONSECUTIVE OLYMPICS! [2016,2012, 2008,2004,2000,1996]

Rhode,  a 37-year-old woman, was: fighting injuries; struggling against decades of sexism in her sport’s Olympic organization; had to train by herself while raising a 3-year-old son; and had to learn a whole new sport halfway through her medal run because the Olympics decided only men could compete in her preferred event.

Plus,  she had to re-qualify each time for one of only two American slots in a sport where a single mistake can mean the difference between winning and fifth place, and then she had to earn her medals in the most competitive sport in the world—more nations compete in her event than in any other sport.

But, nobody in the media says a word about this heroic woman. What makes her untouchable to the press?

The unique thing about Kimberly Rhode is that she carries a shotgun. To be precise, a custom-made Beretta DT11, which is the second gun she’s competed with ever since “Old Faithful,” the competition Perazzi she used for 18 years, was stolen by crackheads who broke into a locked compartment of her pickup while she was inside a shopping center in 2008.

Medals in six consecutive Olympic competitions and she gets ZERO notice from NBC in their coverage of the entire 2016 Summer Olympics! Not enough human interest? Not enough personal dedication? Not enough unique accomplishment? Only NBC can explain why Kimberly has gone quietly home from Rio, without accolade, recognition, or celebration.

Just how vehemently is the Liberal Press opposed to firearms in the hands of common people?

[Thanks to Joe Bob Briggs for this material].


Register and vote against the Liberal attempt to repeal the Second Amendment. Vote to save America!



Register and vote against continuing the elitist, globalist policies of the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Democrats. Vote to save America!


Obama’s chosen-one to replace Hillary after her mishandling of the State Department made a public comment that characterizes the elitist, arrogant attitude of the Liberal Democrat globalists.

Speaking in Bangladesh, Mr. Kerry spoke these words into the powered-up microphone which fed to the entire free world… “Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it [Islamic terrorisn] quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.

Now that’s the kind of leadership dictatorships are all about! Suppress the truth. Control the flow of information. Censorship. Keep people in the dark.

Remember, Kerry is number 4 in-line to assume the Oval Office!

KERRY1 kerryfootinmouth

Register and vote against the lunacy of Obama/Clinton anti-American politics. Vote to save America!



One of the tools progressive-elitist-globalist billionaire George Soros uses to promote the fundamental transformation of America is a foundation he funds called “The Open Society Foundations”.

The noble-sounding purpose of this operation is “to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.”

A recently leaked memo from the group details George’s plan to bring all local law-enforcement agencies in America under the control of the Federal government!

Since Soros funds the Black Lives Matter movement, it is not surprising to discover the idea of his new idea for police control is to stop police from shooting Black criminals.

Keep in mind Mr. Soros still believes what he said publicly in 2006:  “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

This man supports ($$$) Obama, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, and the recent “Occupy” movement.

Keep track of Mr. Soros and his Open Society Foundations!

Register and vote against the New World Order of Obama, Hillary, Soros, etc. Vote to save America!


Eight US cities have had their share of urban unrest lately.

Could it be that the political ideology of the Mayor has something to do with it?

Oakland has had Democrat Mayors for the last 50 years.

Baltimore boasts Democrat Mayors for the last 53 years.

Detroit and Minneapolis have been under Democrat control for 59 years straight.

Seattle has elected Democrat Mayors for the last 64 years.

The City of Brotherly Love has been under Democrat control for 69 years straight.

St. Louis has chosen Democrat Mayors for the last 73 years.

And, Chicago has not had a Republican or an Independent Mayor since 89 years ago.

Some say the definition of “stupid” is to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result.


Register and vote against any Democrats. Vote to save America!




“You have a right to say anything you want and to avoid answering questions from the press. Nothing you say will ever be used against you in a court of law, or in the mainstream media. If you desire an attorney and can not afford one since leaving the White House, one will be appointed for you by Loretta Lynch.


The Army has a training video which teaches Intelligence Officers about known weak spots in the American strategic intelligence community.

One slide in particular shows a half-dozen known insider threats.

There is Aaron Alexis who killed 12 people in the Washington Navy Yard.

There is Nidel Hasan who killed 13 and wounded 31 in Ft. Hood, TX, in 2009.

There is Bradley Manning who leaked thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks.

Of course Gen. David Petraeus who shared classified information with his biographer is listed.

There is Edward Snowden, now living as a fugitive in exile for leaking volumes of classified info.

Oh! There is one more person listed as a known threat to national security… Hillary Clinton, who wants to be the next Commander-In-Chief of of all US armed forces!


Register and vote against Crooked Hillary (or whoever replaces her). Vote to save America!


The ACLU, and Liberal judges are adamantly against Voter ID requirements. It seems they want as many votes cast as possible regardless of the individual voter’s qualifications. They argue that voting is a Constitutional right and cannot be infringed upon by requiring ID.

Yet, contrary to their own argument, these folks do no mind the following requirements for positive (photo) ID, even though each activity is guaranteed under the Constitution:

  1. To collect welfare benefits.
  2. To buy a firearm.
  3. To petition the government. For example, to meet with a Department of Justice official a government-issued photo ID is required to get into the building for the meeting.
  4. To have a peaceful public assembly.
  5. To get married.
  6. To travel, interstate or international.
  7. To access public accommodations (hotels, motels).

Clearly there is a particular, well-funded (George Soros?) effort underway to make it as easy as possible for unqualified people to vote in November. This would allow illegal aliens, refugees, non-residents, convicted felons, etc. to vote for whoever promises the most free goods and services.

Register and vote against the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist ideologies being advocated for by Crooked Hillary (or whoever steps-in to replace her). Vote to save America!



Register and vote against Hillary and 4 more years of Obamanomics. Vote to save America!



Register and vote against the Liberal Democrat Machine. Vote to save America!