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2015 September


Take time to visit this link and ask yourself how a person with at least 17 bona fide causes for suspicion of wrongdoing can be the frontrunner in the field of candidates for the presidency.

When Dan Quayle used an acceptable alternate spelling for the word “potato”, the Liberal press launched into a feeding frenzy for days. What a difference between Clinton and Quayle.

How can the Democratic Party,the Media, and 40+% of American voters pretend all 17 of these (known) scandals are irrelevant, and really are nothing more than funny material for TV comedy?…


Barack Hussein Obama has again given a gift to one of America’s enemies.
He gave Iran $350B and approval for nuclear weapon development.
Then he gave Russia the leadership in dealing with the battle against ISIS in Syria.
Now he has given China legitimacy as a partner in solving the hacking problem.

Sadly, there are 4 poison pills in the “deal”, (treaties are not Obama’s preferred negotiating instrument because they require him to consult with representatives of The People in the House and Senate. He prefers to operate on his own.)

1) “… U.S. and China agree to investigate cybercrimes emanating from their territory.”
So, China will tell the U.S. to stop hackers and activists and Obama will even while individuals are jailed in China for anything the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t like. Also, nothing in the “deal” stops the Chinese from protecting their hackers. Will the Chinese help the U.S. investigate the five Chinese military officers charged with cybercrimes against America? Doubtful.

2) “Neither country’s government will conduct or knowingly support hacking with the intent of providing competitive advantages to companies or commercial sectors.”
We don’t allow economic espionage.It is a crime in America. Everyone knows China does allow economic espionage even though they deny it.So, China has agreed to stop a behavior that they insist they never, ever do! Nonsense.

3) “Both sides are committed to appropriate norms of state behavior in cyberspace within the international community.”
This shows how little Obama understands China who has a unique view of cyberspace and warfare. For them it’s all part of their warfare strategy to strengthen themselves and weaken their enemies. Norm development is meaningless to such war mongering pragmatists.

4) “All agree to establish a high-level joint dialogue mechanism.”
This is a reversal by Obama who once embraced the truth that China is the perpetrator, not the victim.
Obama has given the Chinese legitimacy. The U.S. government has now all but adopted the Chinese position and language on cyber policy, surrendering to Chinese demands in exchange for a nice sounding press release. This “deal” will probably be the end any and all cyber sanctions against China!

[Thanks to The Daily Signal]



In this age of hyper-vigilant watchmen, oops, I mean watchpersons, one cannot be too careful to avoid being dragged into the press accused of being some kind of “—-phobic”, or “—ist”.You think the adorable little hyperactive yellow creatures from the kids movies would be safe from the Phobic/Ism police? You’d be wrong.

Cries of “dehumanizing”, and “sexist” are ricocheting all-over the world-wide-web. All because someone noticed that the loveable little genderless munchkins are all named boy names!! Not a Susan or a Penelope in the lot!

The movie “MINIONS” has been dubbed The Most Sexist Kids’ Movie of the Year by blogger Reel Girl, who is appalled that such films can be made in 2015!

The Minions creator, Pierre Coffin, explained, “Males are so often dumb and stupid that I just cannot imagine a Minion being a girl.” Sadly, the compliment to females everywhere did not soothe the enraged Liberal protectors of womankind.

Maybe Hollywood will name a Minion Elizabeth, or Hillary. But then they risk being drug through the wringer for portraying females as being dumb and stupid. It must be exhausting being a Liberal.
[Thanks to Focus on the Family Citizen magazine Oct. 2015].


It’s costs a lot to get elected to office.
So, who is doing the best job of fundraising in the race for the top job in the world?
Thanks to here are the current figures:
Bush $114M
Clinton $64M
Cruz $52M
Rubio $32M
Sanders $15M
Kasich $12M
Christie $11M
Carson $11M
Jindal $9.1M
Paul $8.9M
Huckabee $8M
Fiorina $5.1M
Graham $5.1M
O’Malley $2M
Pataki $1.1M
Santorum $606K
Trump $96K
Chafee $29K
Webb $0
Lessig $0

Now here is a short video showing how the money game is played:


Debbie Wasserman Schultz,the Democratic Party’s National Chairperson is in deep Liberal yogurt. Her resume is being updated.

The current,but fading,Liberal front-runner is viewed by just about everyone as a veracity-challenged under-performer. This former FLOTUS & Secretary of State is blaming, not Bush, but the media, for her troubles with the FBI. And then there’s Benghazi, etc. Mrs. Clinton is looking over her shoulder (for the FBI, Congressional Investigative Committees, and Liberal competitors for the job of POTUS).

If you don’t like Mrs. Bill there’s Socialist Sanders from Vermont. He rose to prominence by publishing theories like every woman’s dream is to be raped by three men simultaneously (true fact). Although not a Democrat, Bernie is running like one on the strength of his 25-year career as an Independent in the Senate where he has accomplished uh,…. virtually nothing.

Maybe a non-candidate woman, who claimed to be native-American to get minority status privilege but is actually 100% White, is more to your liking. Warren is not running… but.

Another non-candidate is plagiarist Joe Biden, current VPOTUS. Experienced at running for president, Joe has run the race twice before, and lost. He has co-piloted the current tragedy called the Obama Administration. Joe fondles, snuggles, and sniffs every female who comes within his reach. Biden is not running…but.

Or, you can support the man who governed Maryland while Baltimore erupted. O’malley is actually running.

Or you can support Sen. Webb, D-VA, a Conservative turned Liberal.He is actually running.

If you are simply looking for anyone other than a Conservative you can support Roseanne Barr who is actually running.

It must be embarrassing to ask for votes based upon current miserable conditions when your party has been in power for 14 of the last 22 years, including the last 7 years. Every problem in America must be caused by Bush?

Even if it means they must support killing unborn babies and selling their harvested body parts for profit, many voters will do so rather than voting for a Conservative. Many Liberals HATE Conservativism so much they will do ANYTHING to defeat it.


Here is a simple timeline showing the year A.D.and the place taken by Islamic military aggression.

635 Jerusalem
642 Alexandria
666 Sicily
668 Constantinople
698 Carthage
711 Spain
732 France
846 Rome
1064 Armenia
(1095 First Crusade)
1331 Nicea
1389 Kosovo
1393 Bulgaria
1460 Greece
1521 Belgrade
1683 Vienna (aggression halted)
2015 Global migration from Muslim nations begins.


Problem: Find the difference between 38 and 325.

Using traditional arithmetic Subtraction we have five steps: 1) In the Minuend (higher quantity) borrow 1 from the ten’s place and put it before the 5 in the one’s place making 15. 2) Subtracting the 8 in the Subtrahend (lower quantity) from 15 gives 7 for the one’s place in the Difference (aka the answer). 3) Borrow 1 from the Minuend hundred’s place and put it before the 1 in the ten’s place making 11. 4) Subtracting the 3 in the Subtrahend from 11 gives 8 for the ten’s place in the  Difference. 5) Bring down the 2 for the hundred’s place in the answer [287].

Or, we can use 7 steps of traditional arithmetic Addition (?) in Common Core as illustrated in the following page from a CC text book:

1) add 22 to 38 getting 60. 2) add 60 to 40 getting 100. 3) add 200 to 100 getting 300. 4) add 25 to 300 getting 325. 5) add 2 to 60 getting 62. 6) add 200 to 62 getting 262. 7) add 25 to 262 getting 287 which is the answer.


If finding the Sum of quantities is the problem, CC has a way  of doing that too. Watch the video:


“And  I beheld  when  he had opened  the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth  of hair, and  the moon  became  as blood;…” —Revelation 6:12

Science explains there are three causes of a red moon. 1.) Particulate mass suspended in the atmosphere (from forest fires or volcanoes, etc.). 2.) The composition of the atmosphere itself can scatter the reflected light from the Moon. Red light is less susceptible to scattering and reaches our eyes. 3.) When a full Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow (a lunar eclipse) it will appear red because of the scattering effect. So, red moons are not all that rare.

The Bible does not indicate that a red moon is a rare event, it merely says a red moon will be one of the visible signs — in sequence with the previous five seals along with their signs, plus a great earthquake and the Sun becoming black– that the sixth of seven seals is about to be opened.

So, when was the last great earthquake? Just last Wednesday a magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck Chile.

So, when was the last time the sun became dark during daylight hours? In March of this year a total solar eclipse occurred.

So, this coming Sunday when the “Supermoon” enters Earth’s shadow and turns red three of the seven signs of the sixth seal will have occurred within a 6-month period which is but the blink of an eye on the universal time scale.

Get a King James version Bible and read the next five verses (v.13 thru 17) to learn the four additional signs that will accompany the opening of the sixth seal.

Only by  your ill-advised refusal to seriously consider the possibility that the Bible is a supernatural expression of truth can you dismiss all this as superstitious, laughable hogwash.

After the sixth seal is opened there remains but one more…. the end of Time.


The man currently playing the role of Vicar of Christ on Earth, who speaks for all followers of Roman Catholicism, Pope Francis, is fervently opposed to abortion-on-demand. Abortion is not a minor matter in Catholic doctrine.

Sen. Nancy Pelosi is a fervent supporter of abortion-on-demand and has a 100% consistent voting record of opposition to any effort to restrict a woman’s “God-given free will”.

The New York Times portrays Pelosi as a good Catholic  when they quote her saying she has, “unwavering faith and deep approbation for generations of popes. I actually agree with the pope on more issues than many Catholics who agree with him on one issue. The church has their position, and we have ours, which is that a woman has free will given to her by God.

So, even though abortion-on-demand is forbidden by  Roman Catholic doctrine, rhetoric, and practice, the NYT portrays Pelosi, who promotes abortion in doctrine, rhetoric, and practice, as a good Catholic.

That is illogical. That is Liberal journalism today in America.

*in MENU select THE LIST to decipher numbers.



Many folks are excited about voting for Trump. They think he will defend and promote their Conservative values.

Would President Trump defend and promote traditional Conservative values?

First, a couple of definitions:

Conservatism: The political doctrine that supports the rights of individuals and encourages resistance to non-essential government intrusion as itemized in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Adamant about the rule of law, the Christian religion, and a defense against the challenges of modernist culture and totalitarian governments. A Conservative is motivated to defend and promote these issues, and others, regardless of prevailing voter sentiment.

Populism: The political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite. A Populist is motivated by the prevailing majority opinion on those issues at the forefront of voter interest.

Issues important to Conservatives, but not necessarily to Populists, are:

  • Government should be minimal.
  • Federal government should be decentralized.
  • Individual freedom, liberty, traditionalism, law and order, gun ownership, traditional family, against euthanasia, abortion, and homosexual marriage.
    Strong supporters of the American
    Constitution and the separation of powers.
  • Public display of America’s Christian heritage.
  • An economy of  Free Trade and low taxation. No socialized medicine.
  • Pro-NATO, anti-U. N.
  • Welcome all who qualify for legal immigration. Exclude all who do not qualify.
  • Maintain strong nuclear and conventional military capability.
  • Assist nations who ask for help against tyranny.

Where does Trump stand on these issues? Are they essential to him? Answer that and you’ll know what President Trump would be like.