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2015 April

Baltimore PD conduct is an effect. What is the root cause?

I random-sampled 50 arrests from Baltimore’s online police blotter. 40 were Blacks. That’s 80%.

Blacks represent 63% of Baltimore’s population. For an average city that number would be 13%.

Liberals and Unions have ruled Baltimore since 1967.

87% of those who voted in 2012 voted for Obama, a Liberal.

Congressman Cummings, a Liberal, has represented Baltimore for 30 years.

Every member of the City Council of Baltimore is a Liberal.

The mayor of Baltimore is a Liberal.

Baltimore’s per capita income is $35K, the U.S.per capita income $28K.

Baltimore’s median household income is $84K, the U.S. household income is $64K.

It looks like Liberal doctrine is the root cause of unrest in Baltimore.

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Sage Grouse vs. Bald Eagle *22, 36

Environmentalism is also known as Green. But long before they adopted the color the U.S. military was using it.

The New Greens are one of the pampered darlings in the Liberal camp while the Old Greens are more the neglected step-child.

The Old Greens are about to be further weakened by the New if Liberal doctrine prevails in the matter of protecting some Western birds (Sage Grouse).

Congressman Dan Newhouse says: This administration’s restrictive regulatory interpretation reveals misplaced priorities. Unnecessary environmental rules should not take priority over national security and military readiness.”

One wildlife watchdog group, Defenders of Wildlife, says military installations across the West have done an admirable job conserving sage grouse without compromising military readiness.

Congressman Rob Wittman said,”This action could have serious repercussions… We should not further threaten our military’s readiness when it is already in such a precarious state,”

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Liberal doctrine is harmful to every-day Americans.

The mega-Liberal Governor of California has decreed for all non-agricultural users severe reductions in water use enforced by heavy fines.

Past efforts to deal with this impending crisis have been defeated by Liberals who fear such efforts would “harm the environment”.

Within hours of Mr. Brown’s announcement, the House majority leader (not a Liberal) announced plans to renew efforts to build water facilities which had been blocked by Democrats concerned that they would harm the environment and damage fish. “We cannot conserve or ration our way out of this drought.”, said the House leader.

In the mean time, with the fish protected, the Liberal administration did not have a problem with this project:

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DOES OBAMACARE ? 2,4,10,13,24,26,27,33,34*

Want to reduce your food costs? Good news. The sign-up form for Obamacare makes registering for foodstamps as simple as checking a box.

Driven by Liberal doctrine the Obama administration wants more citizens and illegal aliens to be dependent on government handouts.

According to U. of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan:
 “Obamacare has three major taxes in it…they will affect low-skill workers the most… employment will go down 3% and the GDP will go down 2% . Productivity costs alone will be $6,000 per person.”

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The FBI has made an airtight case against several Somali Muslims in a Minnesota Islamic community.

Plentiful evidence shows a vigorous effort by several men in the community to join ISIS.

The community is protesting the detaining of the  terrorists-to-be saying they are men of peace.

Also see my earlier post (Apr. 24) regarding ISIS.

[the following video is mostly Somali language be sure to watch from 1:02 through 1:55]

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Should voters be influenced by polls?

The list  shows pollster results for 2012.

Obama won the popular vote by a margin of 3.9%.

(“Avg.Error” is the key number. For example: The Gallup Poll was a whopping 7.2 percentage-points off.)

About the TPP –2,7,33*

Trans-Pacific Partnership–

Free trade partnerships are usually enacted as a President/Congress joint effort requiring the approval of the House and Senate.

Obama is going ahead in virtual secrecy without Congress. He is using a questionable tactic called “Fast Track” which limits debate, allows no amendments, and gives just 90-days for Congressional approval.

Those who are guided by Liberal doctrine support such circumvention of transparency and checks and balances.

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To Defeat ISIS America Must Use Profiling– 18, 35*

Former CIA operative Wayne Simmons says it is time to start profiling at American mosques to fight the Islamic State (ISIS).

He said terrorists with training equal to his own are now living under the radar in the United States waiting for a signal to act.

“Without profiling, we are never going to be able to stop this…” NOTE: there are 2,077 mosques, masjids, or Islamic Centers in the U.S.

Facts show that Islamic men are more likely to commit a terrorist act than any other demographic.

I copied the following from a profoundly Liberal blog which carries the name of renowned Atheist Liberal Richard Dawkins:

“Violence is viewed as potentially justifiable by a significant minority of Muslims… constituting hundreds of thousands of people… who are Muslim and who connect with a justification for violence.

Forty per cent of British Muslims surveyed said they backed introducing sharia in parts of Britain.

In another poll 24 per cent agreed or tended to agree that the London bombings were justified.
Of British Muslims age 16-24 polled, 
36 percent think apostates should be killed.

In America the number of Muslims who think suicide bombing is justified is about 200,000.

In a recently released Pew poll, 29% of Egyptian Muslims think suicide bombing is sometimes justified. And 65% of Muslims in the highly populated nations of Pakistan and Egypt think the death penalty is justified for leaving Islam.

… we still face the reality that there were over forty documented successful or attempted terror attacks in the United States with an Islamic radicalist motivation since 1990.”

Liberal doctrine demands that national security give way to Political Correctness.

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Congress vs. D.O.D. 34*

Add another name to the growing list of uncooperative witnesses in the Liberal administration.

The Secretary of Defense is refusing to reveal what was, and is, known about Obama’s lop-sided deal to swap one U.S. military deserter for five known terrorists, some of whom are currently busy killing innocent people.

In what must be good news for our enemies, the House committee says military funding will be interrupted if the truth is not forthcoming.

Liberal doctrine does not forbid illegal and unethical means.

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