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Care to guess which 13 Republican U.S. Representatives joined with all the voting Democrats to vote against President Trump’s tax relief bill?

HINT: pick the Representatives from the states with the highest tax rates. Here they are:

California. 13.3% tax rate (#1) Reps. Issa, McClintock, and Rohrabacher.

New Jersey. 8.97% tax rate. (#5) Reps. Frelingtiusen, Lance, LoBiondo, and Smith.

New York. 8.82% tax rate (#7) Reps. Donovan, Faso, King, Stefanix, and Zeldin.

North Carolina. 5.75% tax rate (#n/a) Rep. Jones.

Keep those names in mind when you register and vote. These “Republicans” may be more aligned with the Democrats.



What do the Swamp Liberals do when one  Progressive Minnesota politician commits political suicide by allowing his misogynistic ways to be photographed for all the world to see?

Why it’s simple. They launch a plan to replace him with the current co-chair of the Democratic National Convention. Keith Ellison is another Progressive politician from Minnesota! Keith is: a Catholic turned devout follower of Islam; a zealous anti-Semite; a once vocal supporter (under the name Keith X. Ellison) of Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam; a recipient of donations from  Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR); supported by Bernie Sanders, a fellow Socialist.

[Above is America’s current (soon to be former) Senator Al Franken groping a sleeping woman]

[Above, Keith Ellison.]




How do decisions get made using Liberal/Democrat thinking?

Let’s look at an example from today’s news:

An Ohio man named Bill O’Neill is employed as a state Supreme Court justice. In his spare time he is running for Governor. He is a Democrat.

Justice O’Neill excuses the sexual misbehavior of Senator Franken (D-MN) by claiming he himself [O’Neill] has had sex outside of marriage at least 50 times so far. He boasts of conquests ranging from “… a gorgeous personal secretary to Sen. Bob Taft…”. (a coming-out announcement or an unfortunate ambiguity?).

Anyway,  O’Neill argues that misogyny, adultery, and predatory sexual behavior is acceptable if powerful, important people–like him– do it?

Just so you will know him if he approaches you here’s a video showing O’Neill. . .


An elected official at the highest national level becomes the target of a false dossier claiming he participated in impeachable offenses.

The purpose of the dossier is to remove the victim from office and, hopefully, to return the White House to Democrat control.

The dossier is conjured-up by the KGB, the Russian equivalent of the CIA.

The dossier is funded with campaign money from the person who lost the election which brought the victim to office.

A former British intelligence office is used to bring the dossier to public attention.

A frenzied investigative effort results in nothing. The whole scam fizzles-out. Fade to black.

New scene opens:

The billionaire owner of a vast online marketing empire uses a journalist from a leading Washington newspaper to concoct a new dossier. This time the victim is a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

The story reaches 40-years into the past to allege sexual impropriety on the part of the candidate. Requests for examination of evidence have been denied and the charge has become another frenzied investigation etc. etc.

Movie plot? No.

Actual D.C. events? Yes.

Cast of characters:

Scene One–Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton.

Scene Two– Roy Moore; Jeff Bezos; Washington Post





First look at the picture below of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) sexually molesting a female co-worker while she takes a nap between USO performances. . .

Now go here to read the multiple social media posts Franken published condemning the very behavior he so stupidly displays.

Will this vulgar display of criminal misogyny by a sitting United States Senator get much coverage in the establishment media? Is the Pope a Presbyterian?


Today, in an exclusive Carlsbad, CA resort, a hush-hush meeting of highly influential individuals is taking place under strict security measures.

Sounds like maybe something is going-on they don’t want us to know about? Or maybe some planning for changing the course of America?

Well, actually, it is both. The get together is for a network of wealthy secret donors who want to fund the overthrow of President Trump and his plan to make America great again.

The group’s name is The Democracy Alliance. [Democracy does not usually involve keeping secrets from The People.] Sounds like a poor name choice.

George Soros is one of the many members, each of whom has pledged a minimum of $200,000 to fund the agenda which is titled, “Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future,”.

Security has been tightened since the Washington Free Beacon revealed the information herein.

Stay tuned!


Yet another reason to oppose and hate President Trump has made itself obvious. . . the economy is BOOMING!

The S&P 500 indicates the performance of America’s largest companies. It has gone 60 weeks without a significant (2%) weekly decline. That hasn’t happened since 1965!

Also, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq Composite are also about to reach record levels after having  gained more than 20% since President Donald Trump won the election.

These gains have created a $5.4 trillion increase in value since Election Day as measured by the Wilshire 5000.

Plus, measured by GDP, the economy will rise by 3.7%. The Tax Foundation forecasts a 2.9% jump in wages and the creation of 925,000 additional full-time jobs. Job creation under President Trump has surpassed 1 million!

The unemployment rate (4.1%) is the lowest it has been in 17-years!


Talk about dominating a photo! Zowie!

I admired our First Lady’s poise, beauty, and charm for several minutes before noticing other people in the picture. Have a look. . .


The anti-gun folks have a video meant to instill fear into the hearts of watchers by showing the devastating power of the AR-15 when striking a watermelon. Seeing the explosive result of one single 5.56 round should motivate any snowflake to join the next anti-gun demonstration.

Notice the gun is NOT AN AR-15 as stated, but a shotgun!